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Off-plan property for sale in Dubai for investment

The United Arab Emirates remains one of the most popular destinations amongst expats, property hunters and tourists. The most sought after housing is located in Dubai, the tourist and business hub of the country. Experienced real estate investors see it as profitable asset. Investing in real estate in Dubai you not only secure your money, but you can also gain profit by renting out your property.

What determines the returns on investment in off-plan projects:

  • Lower prices. It is cheaper to buy an off-plan apartment.
  • A wide range of available options in all price segments. There is a large selection of properties on the market, among which you can choose both budget apartments as well as elite penthouses.
  • High demand. Rentals and properties for sale in the UAE are popular amongst locals, expats and tourists. That means that there is no shortage of tenants.

The return on investment for off-plan projects can reach up to 10%, the return rates depend on the location and how prestigious the property is.

They include:

  • Stable economic situation in the country. Property prices are growing steadily, which guarantees high returns on investment.
  • High quality of life and developed facilities that attract people from all over the world. The growth of population in Dubai contributes to the growth of demand for housing.
  • An opportunity to make a net profit. There is no property nor rental income taxes. Therefore, investing in apartments in Dubai is more profitable than in other countries with property taxes.

However, you cannot apply for a residence permit when investing in an off-plan development project in Dubai, as you enter into ownership only after the commissioning of the property.

Off-plan real estate in developments at the prices from developers

When planning to invest in real estate in an off-plan project in Dubai, you should first decide on the neighbourhood and the area of the property. Property prices start from €150,000 and can go up to several million. The highest return on investment is for one or two bedroom apartments as well as for studio apartments. If you buy a villa, a private investment can generate between 4 and 6% of returns.

You can find an off-plan property for investment that will suit your goals without leaving your home. The UAE legislation allows property buyers acquire housing remotely, which is especially convenient when choosing investment real estate in an off-plan project in Dubai. When studying available options, you should also pay attention to their infrastructure. For instance, if the project has:

  • A pool.
  • A gym.
  • A parking area.
  • A playground.

Off-plan properties located in neighbourhoods with the developed infrastructure are more profitable to invest in.

Buy off-plan property in Dubai for investment

For those planning to invest in off-plan housing in Dubai, we offer a comprehensive range of investment properties in different areas of the city. The company works directly with developers, which means that you do not have to pay additional fees to intermediaries. Find your ideal property in the UAE today. Check out our best investment offers that will ensure you stable income.

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