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Emaar Properties is one of the world’s most valuable and admired real estate development companies. With proven competencies in properties, shopping malls & retail and hospitality & leisure, Emaar shapes new lifestyles with a focus on design excellence, build quality and timely delivery.

Our properties each have their own unique design aesthetic, providing an aspirational lifestyle within a thriving community, supported by Emaar’s community management team.

Emaar's leadership team is comprised of the industry's most experienced leaders, who have secured our place as one of the world's greatest real estate and lifestyle developers.


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Leadership across the real estate
Is one of the largest corporations in the region


About Emaar

Founded in 1997, Emaar is a developer of elegantly designed and exclusively built real estate, shopping malls and hotel projects around the world. We create homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels and recreational facilities that improve the quality of life.
Our goal is to ensure that we implement our projects to the highest standards and provide excellent customer service throughout the customer journey. Today, our projects bring huge benefits to the local economy and create thousands of jobs.

We have transferred our successful development model to fast-growing international markets, where we develop world-class projects that emphasize our competence and commitment to quality.


Emaar has won numerous international, regional and local awards for its commitment to operational excellence and quality standards.
For example, the infinity pool Adress Beach Resort is listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 2021 as the highest infinity pool in the world. Address Downtown is recognized as the most luxurious city hotel in the world and was awarded the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS in 2019. Guinness World Record in 2017 for the largest OLED screen, WORLD RETAIL AWARDS for the best customer experience in 2019 and many, many other awards and achievements from 2003 to 2021 annually!

The Emaar team is as involved and motivated as possible, and constantly strives for excellence, despite having already received numerous awards and achievements.

Company Policy

Emaar Group strives to promote and maintain an organizational culture based on values and ensures zero tolerance for all forms of fraud or corruption, regardless of whether they are committed against Emaar (from external or internal sources) or from or on behalf of Emaar. We are also committed to a strict compliance culture, guided by a clear and consistent code of business conduct, making sure that our actions are consistent with our core values. Our Anti-Fraud and Violation Awareness Policy is aimed at strengthening the culture of ethics and integrity in the Group.

Accordingly, we require our employees to comply with high ethical standards and expect the same from our business partners. To ensure that our Organization is managed in accordance with our obligations, you can help us by reporting any potential cases of non-compliance, fraud or unethical actions through our dedicated Violation reporting line.

All submitted materials will be objectively reviewed, and the identity of the person who submitted the message will be kept secret.

A letter from the founder of Emaar

Emaar Properties has entered the most exciting stage in Dubai's young history. In 2013, when more than 160 countries chose the UAE to host EXPO 2020 in Dubai, it was a loud vote of confidence in our city, our leadership and our people.

The winning bid was a confirmation by the international community that Dubai can achieve only exceptional results. The constant desire to be extraordinary is what has made Emaar a national champion company of Dubai and the UAE.

Over the past 17 years, Emaar has redefined the dynamics of real estate development, which now serves as a model for other companies around the world. We have always believed in the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who reminds us that in order to reach new horizons, we must go beyond our personal borders.

Our driving force, of course, was the trust that our shareholders placed in us. They supported us as we shaped the city's skyline, built the world's largest shopping mall, created world-class hotels and expanded our presence in international markets.

Our shareholders have given us the opportunity to participate in the amazing transformation of our city into a global center. They built Dubai as an unusual city in one of the best nations in the world, and they made us who we are today – one of the most valuable and respected companies in the world.

We see the transformation around us as promising opportunities to create a new Emaar. We use the potential of Dubai as one of the world's leading centers of business, leisure and fashion, as well as the opportunities of fast-growing international markets. We are implementing our strategy to make our fast-growing enterprises independent profit centers, and we will continue to build smart cities of the future.

We are honing our strategy to become one of the most valuable, most innovative and respected companies in the world. Our goal is to be an invincible company that creates tremendous value for our shareholders, stakeholders and the economy.

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Dubai Hills Estate
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270 properties
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