Accompaniment in the purchase, sale, and management of a real estate

All issues related to real estate in Dubai require an integrated approach. To successfully close a deal or manage real estate, it is important to take into account a lot of nuances that a person who has never encountered them is simply not aware of. In this case, realtors and property brokers are always ready to help. Their function is to solve the problems of the client in the process of purchase and sale or management of the property.

Agent Features

A realtor in the UAE is a person who has undergone proper training and passed mandatory testing, and after that got a license that states that he is qualified enough to work in the emirates. There are a number of qualities that a professional in the field should have. A real estate agent is always up to date with current market trends, knows the specifics of properties in a certain area, and also has a number of tools for quickly finding a buyer, an owner, or a tenant (depending on the client's goals).

The main requirements that a real estate agent in Dubai must meet:

  • An agent must have a license (it can be checked in the public domain or requested directly from the realtor);
  • He must have a general understanding of the market situation;
  • A vital thing is to have the ability to check documents and conduct transactions correctly.

It is important to understand that each of the seven emirates of the UAE has its own characteristics of the housing market in general and features of the work of agents in particular. Depending on the goals of the client, the profile of the services provided may change. So it is better to check up on the laws of the emirate beforehand.

Tasks of an agent when buying a property

  • Firstly, he helps to navigate the buyer and acquaints him with the realities of the market.
  • Secondly, based on preferences, financial capabilities, and other requests, he selects relevant properties.
  • Thirdly, he contacts the owner and organizes a viewing of the house.
  • Fourthly, he accompanies the client at every stage of the process of buying and selling.

Tasks of an agent in the sale of real estate

An experienced realtor ensures high-quality communication between the buyer and the seller. A specialist helps sellers to create an advertisement and publish it online on various relevant sites where the visitors will highly likely be interested in purchasing a property. He also communicates with potential buyers and organizes property viewings. And after the client is found, the agent prepares the necessary documents and ensures the security of the transaction.

Management of the property 

Many property brokers provide property management services. This means that they help investors find tenants and earn passive rental income. This option of doing business is in demand because the owner doesn’t need to be physically present in the country for that. All stages - from the search for tenants to the maintenance of housing - are taken over by the company.