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Harbour Real Estate (HRE) is an international leader in the real estate industry, serving clients from various regions for 14 years. The company has worldwide offices in Dubai, London, and Turkey, yet its main office is located in the heart of Egypt.

Throughout the years, HRE has emerged as a beacon of trustworthiness and proficiency in the industry, consistently holding the gold-rated status by the Dubai Land Department for five consecutive years. HRE’s team of experts offers tailor-made solutions based on analyses, including financial planning, drafting official tripartite agreements, concluding deals for leasing and rentals, and providing technical upkeep for properties.


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14 years ago, Harbour Real Estate established its first and main office in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, which is an important global center trading hub. Over time, the company began actively expanding its operations throughout the region.

HRE’s mission is to provide ready-made solutions to the most complex financial issues in the real estate sector. The company offers holistic services drawing on years of experience in the global market, deep local knowledge, and comprehensive analytics covering all aspects of the business, including:

Real estate exporting. Selling property outside the country where it is located, encompassing foreign investments and the attraction of overseas investors.

Property management. A complex of services, such as rent fee collection, rent contract management, maintenance, financial management, and resolving tenant disputes, all to boost the efficiency and profitability of the property for its owner.

Property matchmaking (Real Estate Brokerage). Intermediary services between the seller and the buyer, including search, showings, negotiations, deal closures, and support until completion.

International sales & Marketing consultation. Expert advice and strategies for successful real estate sales abroad, including market analysis, marketing development, investor attraction, and deal support.


Thanks to diligent work and striving to solve investors' key issues, HRE has earned over 50 international and other awards. Moreover, the Dubai Land Department has recognized HRE as the best provider of comprehensive real estate services with a gold rating for five years in a row.

Currently, the company has completed deals with over 1500 clients worldwide, and now manages public and territorial assets valued at over 14 billion dirhams (approximately $3.8 billion).


HRE is a sought-after team of professionals offering a comprehensive suite of services to clients – from initial consultation to organizing the entire real estate transaction cycle, including property management. Owing to international experience, in-depth analysis of each region, as well as developers and their projects, HRE has set up itself as an unmatched partner in the market.

HRE adeptly tailors its approach to investors, considering the individual needs and goals of each, thereby making partnership with HRE exceptionally appealing and productive.


Haysam Soliman is a real expert in strategic finance with 16 years of experience in finance, medicine, real estate, and fintech. He has successfully managed the acquisition of shares in major institutions, witnessed the rise of formidable corporations, and led several organizations to success through intelligent leadership and strategic market penetration.

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