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  • Dubai Metro and real estate by the Metro

    If you think about the metro like rail transport in general, it can be called one of the defining features of modern civilization. Great Britain would not have become an empire, if not for the trains, which became an icon of the era. It is difficult to imagine modern Moscow or New York without their extensive metro and subway systems. China...

  • Buying a property in Dubai. How jointly owned hotel is maintained?

    Since September 2019, the UAE has amended its legislation regarding the activities of companies whose functions include the management of jointly owned properties. It concerns developers and hotel operators and regulates the management of a wide range of properties. Contents Who is affected by the amendments? Changes in the legal...

  • Insurance in the UAE. How to protect your home from fires, floods and other incidents?

    The UAE real estate market enjoys increased demand. However, the ownership of property in the United Arab Emirates implies not only buying costs but also some other expenses like home insurance against various risks, to name a few. Contents: General features of UAE insurance Who is responsible for insurance? Regulation How to choose the...

  • What real estate can you buy in the UAE after selling your housing in Europe

    What type of real estate to purchase in the UAE after selling a property in Spain Recently, foreign nationals have increasingly sold property in their homeland and moved to the United Arab Emirates – according to a report by Global Realty Partners, 20% of buyers of all types of Arab properties, including commercial, are CIS citizens and...

  • Risk assessment of real estate investments using the UAE as an example

    The UAE is one of the most popular destinations among foreign investors. The country is considered to be the best place to compare risks with possible profits. This is well-known by private experts and companies, including independent researchers and analysts specializing in risk assessment. The security status of investments is based on many...

  • Immigration to Dubai with the whole family: why invest in Dubai property?

    Are you planning a family relocation to the United Arab Emirates? Investing in real estate in Dubai is a sound financial decision for one’s future. Read this article about the features of moving to Dubai with the whole family, choosing and buying real estate, as well as investing in Arab housing. The content of the article: Infinite...

  • Learn from the mistakes of others: what is important to remember when moving to Dubai

    Moving to any country is fraught with many difficulties especially when it comes to the United Arab Emirates - a state with its own laws and culture. Before you apply for permanent residency in Dubai, it’s important to familiarize yourself not only with local customs and way of life but also with the specifics of the real estate market. The...

  • In which area of Dubai is it worth buying a property?

    Dubai is one of the most popular travel and business destinations in the world. Its rich history, cultural diversity, convenient and modern infrastructure, and a developed resort and residential real estate market attract millions of tourists every year. Its advantageous geographical location, booming trade and technology sector, and many corporate...

  • Investing in Dubai – important tips

    Dubai real estate market is one of the top places in the world when it comes to investment attractiveness. Local property owners receive high incomes from both the leasing and selling of higher-priced assets. This article describes the main features of this sector. This is the basic information needed by every investor interested in real estatein...

  • Real estate valuation in Dubai

    Real estate valuation determines the real value of a property based on its condition and market indicators. A valuation includes: Property quality and condition of the land on which it is located; The value of real estate; Average rental rate; Market, investment, and cadastral value; Dynamic indicators. The content of the...

  • Will buying a property in Dubai be a good investment?

    What is a "good investment"? This question alone could occupy a separate article. The answer depends on what kind of benefit the investor wants to get. If we are talking about short-term income, a good investment will be one that combines a high return of funds with a profit in a short time, although with high risks associated with the need to...

  • Investing in real estate in Dubai in 2021

    Today it becomes obvious that 2020 was a turning point for the entire world economy, and not for the better. All sectors of the global market and all countries participating in it have suffered. Dubai is a city that lives on trade, transport, construction and tourism. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent international restrictions on movement...