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Since Karma Developers was established in 1985, it has successfully secured a leading position in the Cyprus real estate market. For over 35 years, the company has been nurturing strong connections with its clients, adhering to three simple yet crucial principles: honesty, integrity, and quality.

Karma Developers takes pride in the fact that its interaction with clients is not just business, but a trust-based friendship. The company is dedicated to enhancing the overall experience of its clients, making it more enjoyable and convenient. Even after the deal is finished, the company maintains a strong commitment to ensuring the comfort and happiness of its former customers.


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Karma Developers, established 38 years ago, currently holds a prominent position in Cyprus's real estate market. Thanks to the strategic location between three continents, a favorable tax system, well-developed infrastructure, and a premium lifestyle, Cyprus has become the ideal choice for the main office of Karma Developers. Karma Developers is a part of the diversified Karma Group, which owns eight more worldwide companies, specializing in areas, including education, real estate rentals, home services, tourism, charity, and others.


Karma Developers is experiencing rapid growth in Dubai's real estate market, providing luxurious residential properties, attractive commercial spaces, and numerous unique residential projects that exemplify its signature style. Olivia Residences by Karma Developers is the flagship project, representing a modern residential complex in Dubai Investment Park, where residents can savor an exceptional level of comfort in stylish apartments with stunning views of Green Community Park.


Karma Developers is a trustworthy and attentive partner in the real estate industry. Drawing upon extensive experience working with diverse investors, the company always aims to offer a personalized approach to cater to each client's requirements. Clear terms, a wide range of options, and a strong commitment to professionalism make Karma Developers as one of the top choices for investment.

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