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Real estate has always been one of the top options for investors looking for security and benefit. The combination of benefits and attractions ensured by this sector is unmatched. This makes property investment a profitable solution for all small and large investors.

Over the last few decades, the United Arab Emirates have become one of the most popular investment destinations. Dubai is the largest city in the UAE. It offers some of the most solid investment opportunities in an ever-changing real estate market. Let's take a look at some of the key reason why investing in a duplex in Dubai is a wise decision.

Investment duplexes in Dubai with high ROI

Why is it worth investing in duplexes in Dubai by the sea? The reasons are quite simple:

  • Prestige. This luxurious type of property is one of the most popular options in Dubai which ensures investors one of the highest yields in the market.
  • Convenience. Two-level apartments offer a lot of space and feature a great variety of amenities.
  • Exclusivity. Real estate prices largely depend on this factor. Compared to typical apartment units, duplexes are classified as elite housing. Therefore, they are a great investment solution as these up-market properties attract wealthy tenants who are looking for sheer luxury.

When investing in property, it is important to consider not only its location but also its type.

Investments in Dubai, UAE

Property in Dubai is renowned for high returns on investment. The reasons for that are:

  • A developed infrastructure of the city.
  • Affordable property prices compared with properties of the same quality in Europe.
  • Location. Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations that attracts thousands of tourists all year round.
  • Annual return rate up to 15% depending on the location and market demand. All you need to do is to buy a property and rent it out.

It is quite challenging to obtain citizenship in the UAE, but property ownership opens up more opportunities if you are going to stay in the country for a long term. A residence permit by investment in a duplex in Dubai allows you to stay in the country without citizenship.

Property prices in UAE

The cost of a duplex directly depends on the number of bedrooms. Smaller duplexes may have one or two bedrooms, but even in this case, the area of two-level units will be more than 100 sq. meters. The minimum price for a duplex is € 300,000 and may go up to several million. When investing in a property, the important thing to consider is the check the demand for housing in a certain neighbourhood.

Buy a duplex house in Dubai for investment

How to avoid major mistakes when considering investment duplexes in Dubai:

  • Cooperate with trusted agencies.
  • Realistically present plans for the acquired object and assess its investment attractiveness.
  • Take into account the payment scheme for housing: if it is a mortgage, then the yield is automatically reduced.

If you have qualified help, you can even remotely determine the desired object.

Dubai-Property.Investments helps find the best  offers to invest in a duplex in Dubai by the sea

The company works directly with agencies and developers in the UAE. In our property catalog you can find not only duplexes, but also other types of housing. Our real estate experts are ready to provide qualified assistance to those planning to invest in apartments in Dubai. We offer the best deals with up-to-date prices and deliver our clients custom-tailored property investment solutions in Dubai that will bring high yields. Check out our catalogue today!

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