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Investing in apartment in Dubai Marina with a high ROI

Investments in apartments in Dubai Marina bring owners up to 15% profit annually. The high profitability of such investments is due to the specifics of the location and increased interest from the international community. Tourists are looking for a for a comfortable stay, and investors are looking for profitable real estate investments in Dubai.

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular and dynamically developing areas of Dubai; an attractive place to live in the city and throughout the United Arab Emirates. Most often, investors in profitable real estate choose this very place, because they see an inexhaustible source of opportunities for entrepreneurial activity development. Dubai Marina has the highest return on real estate investment, growing year after year, thanks to the increasing demand from tourists, expats and employees of large companies who come here on business trips.

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Investment apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, UAE

Investing in an apartment in Dubai Marina means finding a source of stable income and gaining confidence in financial well-being. Buying your own apartment in Dubai allows you to count on obtaining a residence permit - a resident visa, issued to foreign investors for the purchase of real estate. In addition, Arab real estate will allow you to live comfortably in the country and develop your own business without paying taxes.

Each year, apartments in Dubai Marina rise in price, accelerating the payback period and initial investment of the owners.

Subject to a competent choice of the property, investment apartments in Dubai Marina will allow not only the preservation of capital, but also its increase.

The list of the highest profit apartments in Dubai Marina is extensive. It includes studios, 2 to 5 room apartments and spacious apartments with magnificent views. If you are interested in investing in new buildings in Dubai, Dubai-Property.Investments specialists will help you find a trusted developer or reliable real estate agency.


In the mass consciousness, life in Dubai Marina is inextricably linked with well-being and a high level of comfort. The public spaces of the district are well designed and thought-out in such a way that a person can comfortably move from one point to another, saving time and effort. There is also everything you need to meet the needs of a modern city dweller: shops, cafes, beauty salons, parks and squares, as well as many interesting sights. It is convenient to reach the city center by public and private transport from Dubai Marina.

All this affects the formation of prices for flats, apartments and other real estate.

For example, you can buy apartments in Dubai Marina for investment and residence, starting from AED 1 million.

Buy a flat for investment in Dubai Marina

You can buy an apartment in Dubai Marina for investment by choosing from the extensive catalog on the Dubai-Property.Investments website. There is a complete list of luxury apartments and apartments from leading developers in Dubai. You can choose a suitable property and obtain detailed advice by contacting our managers.

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