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Investment apartments and flats in Jumeirah

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Investing in apartment in Jumeirah with a high ROI

Jumeirah is a developed area of Dubai, where the return on real estate investment attracts investors from all over the world. The most popular for real estate investment in Dubai in Jumeirah are flats and apartments. They embody the unity of practicality and luxury in conditions maximally adapted to the needs of the modern inhabitant of the metropolis.

The Arab real estate in Jumeirah creates unlimited opportunities for stable earnings and capital preservation; it also allows you to count on obtaining a residence permit for investment in an apartment - a resident visa for living in a prosperous country with favorable economic conditions.

Investing in apartments in Dubai - your guarantor of peace and confidence in the future!

Investment apartments for sale in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Investors in profitable real estate prefer Jumeirah as an area for buying property. It is a popular destination that maintains its status as one of the most prosperous areas in Dubai. Most often, Jumeirah is chosen by families with children and people interested in calm, measured pastime. This is largely due to the location of the area, convenient transport links, well-developed infrastructure, a high level of well-being and excellent housing.

The area is divided into two zones: Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Village Circle, each of which combines luxury housing, premium hotels, shopping and entertainment centers and accessibility to key Dubai locations.

Jumeirah is a real green oasis. There are 33 parks, several schools, shops, restaurants, family cafes and more. Look for a detailed list of apartments with the highest ROI and profitable locations in the catalog on the website.


The Dubai property market is considered one of the most developed and profitable sectors in the UAE. This is evidenced by private investments, descending here in large quantities every year. Jumeirah is the best of its kind and has an important place in the real estate sector. The average price of 1 m² of living space is about USD 6,000.

The cost of apartments in Jumeirah starts from USD 150,000.

The commercial use of an apartment for long-term or short-term lease can provide the owner up to 15% per annum. If necessary, you can always sell housing and make money on the price difference.

Buy a flat for investment in Jumeirah

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