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Investing in apartment in Palm Jumeirah with a high ROI

Palm Jumeirah is a combination of luxury real estate, a unique location and luxurious living conditions. It is here that real estate investment in Dubai is considered one of the most profitable in the United Arab Emirates.

The man-made island of Palm Jumeirah opens up a lot of opportunities for life and relaxation in increased comfort. Palma has gained its international popularity, among other attributes, thanks to the luxury housing, presented here in abundance.

Investing in flats and apartments on the Palm Jumeirah will be a smart solution for preserving capital in the long term and increasing it by renting out property to tourists and local residents.

Find your property for investing in new buildings in Dubai in the most desirable resort in the world out of hundreds of options on the Dubai-Property.Investments website.


Real estate on the island of Palm Jumeirah is presented in a wide variety. It has everything from flats and apartments to luxury villas with private beach access. Each property, be it a detached house, a villa or a closed residential complex, is under round-the-clock surveillance and carefully guarded.

Real estate prices on Palma range from AED 1.5 million to AED 19.6 million, depending on the location, area and facilities the property possesses. The island’s unique location, together with the unique conditions recreated on its territory, allow residents to feel like in their own paradise. Property prices are so high for this reason.

An important argument in favor of buying an apartment on the island is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for investment in real estate on Palm Jumeirah in a simple way - a resident visa issued to large investors. Read more about the procedure to obtain a visa in Dubai at Dubai-Property.Investments.

Investment apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

The high return on investment in apartments on Palm Jumeirah is driven by the active demand for housing. Despite the rather high price tag, flats and apartments in this location have remained in demand for several years now.

Investing in apartments on Palma means making a smart investment in a potentially profitable investment asset. You can make a profit from apartments on the island through short-term and long-term rentals.

Subject to the correct selection of the property and location, the ROI of apartments can reach 15% per annum. If necessary, housing can always be sold and make a profit on the difference in prices due to their rise.

Buy a flat for investment in Palm Jumeirah

Dubai-Property.Investments has a collection of flats and apartments in the most popular areas of Dubai, including Palm Jumeirah. Choose in favor of financial well-being today and start making wise investments. You can gain professional advice from the managers of the company.

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