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  • A slowdown in construction in the third quarter of 2021

    The new development strategy and the postponed construction due to the ongoing pandemic are having an impact on the slowdown in the UAE. By the end of the quarter, 3,700 residential properties were commissioned in Dubai: 100 villas and 3,600 apartments. By the end of the year, another 9,300 housing units will be put into operation from the Azizi...

  • Asteco: Annual price growth for villas in Dubai is 37%

    The market is experiencing a slowdown in the commissioning of new real estate on the market. In the third quarter of 2021, only 100 villas were put into operation. According to the results of the third quarter of 2021, prices for villas in Dubai increased by 37% when compared year-on-year and by 9% when compared with the second quarter of this...

  • 5,352 sales transactions worth $3.57 billion — DLD October 2021 report

    Developed in cooperation between the Dubai Land Department and the PropertyFinder portal, the Mo'Asher real estate price index indicates that October 2021 turned out to be the best October in the last 8 years. The base points for the index are 2012, for comparison by year, January 2012, for comparison by month, and Q1 2012, for quarterly...

  • Indian expats in the UAE intend to increase investment in the local real estate market

    Indian expats are a key category of investors in the United Arab Emirates and almost 75% of them are interested in investing in real estate in Dubai and the country's stock market, as well as starting a business. Indian investors are present in many markets around the world, but it is in the UAE that the interest rate is so high, while the global...

  • SmartCrowd announces premium service for HNWI investors

    Regulated by DFSA, the financial authority of the FEZ DIFC, the investment crowdfunding platform is looking for new ways to capitalize by providing services to rich and super-rich investors. SmartCrowd is a company and service of the same name established in Dubai, DIFC in 2018. This service operates in a similar way to any other crowdfunding...

  • The popularity of long-term resident visas leads to a large influx of Indian investment into the UAE real estate market

    Dubai classically benefits from investor interest, but the real star is Abu Dhabi. Although it is possible to obtain long-term visas when purchasing real estate, the UAE policy of issuing such visas, depending on the type of occupation, is a real incentive for Indian investors. It is on this principle that professionals and top management from...

  • The impact of Expo 2020 on the Dubai housing market will become apparent by the end of Q4

    However, property prices are still a quarter below the previous peak. The local market recovery is now in its 11th month. The previous price peak was in 2014, and 2021 is only a quarter of the former record. In the first days of Expo 2020, the positive effect of the exhibition on the real estate sector of the emirate became obvious, which met the...

  • Low mortgage interest rates continue to have a positive impact on the volume of real estate transactions

    The market grew by 68% by 2020 and by 71% by 2019. Since the first quarter of 2021, the mortgage sector has been growing exponentially. The first three quarters significantly exceeded the figures for the whole of 2020, according to the data from Mortgage Finder’s independent mortgage consulting (Property Finder Division). Moreover, 83% of...

  • The construction sector develops again in Dubai

    New buildings showed a V-shaped recovery, says the consulting agency CORE. The sharp recovery is due to increased investor confidence in the Dubai market. The trend is expected to continue in the coming months. The influx of visitors to Dubai stimulates the sector growth due to Expo 2020 and many new projects this year. According to the...

  • Dubai has the least risk of a price bubble

    A study conducted by the Swiss International Bank UBS shows that all the 25 largest real estate markets showed an average increase in the risk of creating a price bubble. All except Dubai. The emirate market is undervalued and has the lowest risks of a price bubble. The UBS General Investment Office provided such data. Overall, property prices...

  • Real estate market is undervalued in Dubai

    The Swiss bank UBS points out that Dubai is the only real estate market in a lower category than last year, according to the Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2021. The report indicates that high oil prices, a simplified mortgage process, housing affordability, and the general economic recovery make the real estate sector grow. Before the pandemic,...

  • Monthly Review: Capital Values of Dubai Villas Show Double-Digit Growth, Villa and Apartment Sales Reach Four-Year High

    Cumulative sales reached $ 4.07 billion, off-plan real estate is showing record highs of deals, and the capital value of a third of the apartment segment has declined over the past month. Data is provided by ValuStrat and Property Finder. The capital value of villas in Dubai continues to increase in line with strong demand. ValuStrat reports...

  • Now you can become an investor in Dubai real estate with a capital of $ 136

    SmartCrowd, an investment crowdfunding platform regulated by the government agency DFSA at DIFC, has lowered the minimum investment amount from $ 545 to $ 136. SmartCrowd is a crowdfunding investment platform that works on the principle of collecting investments from its members, investing the collected funds in specific projects and...

  • Brief news: Dubai Real Estate Transactions Reached US $ 4.07 Billion in August

    This is the best monthly indicator since January 2017. Dubai real estate market registered 5,780 real estate sales transactions totaling $ 4.07 billion in a month. Thus, since the beginning of 2021, there have been totally 37,537 transactions in the emirate with a total amount of $ 23.9 billion, according to the Property Finder portal. In terms...

  • Dubai prime property market to remain on a tear – here’s why

    By virtue of restoration of international travel and the UAE’s effective action against the Covid-19, the emirate witnessed substantial growth in capital values for luxury homes According to global real estate advisor Savills, Dubai’s prime residential properties market saw a 4.2% increase in capital value growth in the first half...