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  • Record first quarter for Dubai Residential Real Estate Market

    The current year has brought a new historical record to the emirate's real estate market, as the first quarter of 2022 was the most successful for Dubai in the entire history of observations. In figures, March 2022 reached an indicator of 7,865 real estate transactions — an increase of 83.4% in annual terms. During the same period, sales in...

  • According to the results of the first quarter, villas remain the main engine of Dubai real estate market

    Despite the fact that both apartments and villas show strong growth rates, analysts and market experts generally agree that the latter will continue to grow at a more pronounced pace both in terms of the number of sales and their cost, and in terms of the prices of properties. Developers also focus their attention, first of all, on villas. Since...

  • Sales of elite offices have pulled the UAE office real estate sector to pre-pandemic levels

    The beginning of 2022 demonstrated two changes in the economy of the Arab Emirates at once: a noticeable increase in the level of business activity in the country, which reached 54.8 points in March this year, combined with a significant increase in foreign investors and buyers. Large international companies are returning to the market again, a...

  • Dubai luxury real estate market during the pandemic and after: how has investor demand changed

    Although already in 2021, the shift of Dubai real estate market towards an active recovery led by the growth of the premium segment became obvious, it is 2022 that can be called the beginning of a new phase of development. First of all, it has become possible to talk in detail about a significant excess of demand and an increasingly noticeable...

  • Europeans took the 5th place in the list of the largest categories of buyers by nationality

    Europeans have always been a major part of the UAE real estate market and, in particular, Dubai. So, in the first quarter of 2022, Europeans ranked fifth in the list of the largest categories of buyers in Dubai by nationality. This is the first noticeable increase since 2019, when this category took seventh place in the list. In annual terms, at...

  • Palm Jumeirah retains the right to be called the most expensive area to buy real estate in Q1 2022

    Residential real estate of the island took the leading places in the list of the most expensive sales over the past quarter. In the first three months of this year, four major sales were made, which were highlighted by a record deal for a mansion with an area of 3,066 square meters. This acquisition cost the buyers 76.2 million dollars. At the...

  • Dubai's secondary residential real estate market is experiencing explosive growth amid an influx of European buyers

    Together with the influx of other foreigners, at the end of the first quarter, the secondary residential real estate market in Dubai showed a 250% increase in the number of sales in annual terms. However, in April 2022, a new challenge arises before the market - now European buyers and investors, in a huge volume, migrate to the emirate and invest...

  • Dubai's luxury real estate sector grew by 1.03% in Q1 2022, although prices decreased by 6%

    Premium, expensive real estate in the Emirate of Dubai showed a rather weak growth in volumes in the first quarter of this year - by 1.03% compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, which is equal to 4.7 billion dollars. At the same time, in general, prices for objects decreased by 6%. Thus, the average prices for luxury real estate dropped to $1.2...

  • Dubai's off-plan sector grows in Q1: thousands of apartments and villas have entered the market

    In the first months of 2022, thousands of residential properties were put on the market to meet the growing demand from investors and buyers without stopping. Both luxury housing and objects from the mid-price segment are being brought to the market. According to the Property Monitor portal, only in March of this year 5,800 apartments and villas...

  • The rise and prospects of the secondary housing market in 2022

    The aggregate indicators of the end of 2021 and the beginning of this year demonstrate the formation of a strong positive trend in the secondary market. The bull market formed early enough in early 2022. It was accompanied by significant indicators on real estate transactions in January of this year. February only consolidated the trends,...

  • Mortgages attract new consumers — 82% of all loans were got to people buying real estate in the UAE for the first time

    During 2021, the mortgage lending market showed record growth rates. The pre-pandemic indicators have already been overcome, and the previous historical peaks set in 2017 have also been beaten. According to Dubai Land Department, in 2021 the volume of mortgage funds exceeded the records of 2017 by 26%. The number of transactions in 2021 turned out...

  • Dubai real estate market showed the best start to the year in the history

    In the first two months of 2022, 12,119 real estate transactions were concluded on the local market. This is 17.7% higher than in 2017, which was followed by the previous similar record. February showed excellent results — there were 6,346 transactions out of the specified number. This is the highest result for February among all the years...

  • Ready-made real estate on demand growth

    Monthly growth data showed that the ready-made real estate market recorded an increase in purchases of objects, both in money and through mortgages, by 48.1%. At the same time, the number of Oqood agreemnets for «off-plan» real estate (approx. «at the construction stage») decreased by 5.8%. Thus, «off-plan»...

  • Demand for real estate in Dubai remains strong in February 2022

    In February of this year, Dubai real estate market continues to maintain an upward trend, maintaining the growth momentum of 2021. Against the background of the improving pandemic situation, the restoration of business activity in the country and the continuation of World Expo-2020, the local real estate market continues to flood with new buyers...

  • Ups and downs of real estate prices in Dubai in February 2022

    Throughout February, prices for all categories of real estate grew in most areas of the city. Predictably, Palm Jumeirah turned out to be the most expensive area. In total, 5,538 real estate transactions were registered in the past months. In February 2021, there were 3,787 transactions. From the beginning of the year to the end of February,...