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  • Dubai provides buyers with "shared ownership" of real estate

    Up to four people can own one property. The new ownership system allows customers to split Title Deed into four shares. The share can belong to any person who is not related to three other people by family or other ties. Foreigners can purchase an apartment, villa, or any other kind of property on the market using Title Deed. Such ownership is...

  • Main criteria for real estate buyers in Dubai are prices and quality of life

    Economic and key sector data show that the UAE has begun to strengthen its position among the countries with the highest economic stability and growth potential — Gulf News. According to research on the structure of demand in the Dubai housing market, the key factors among buyers to make the final decision, «purchase or not», are...

  • Gulf News: What the Dubai housing market after Expo 2020 awaits

    Can the World's Exhibition give Dubai more than temporary economic growth? With the end of Expo 2020, some participants in the local housing market prefer to refrain from buying real estate and take a wait-and-see approach. The reason is that real estate prices are expected to start falling in April when the last visitors leave the halls of the...

  • Dubai's real estate market is likely to face obstacles to growth in 2022

    The causes are both global and local factors. Real estate analytical and consulting company CBRE has published an evaluation of the prospects of the construction sector and the Dubai housing market in 2022. The local market closed in 2021 on a high note. Average prices for residential real estate increased by 9.3% over the year and rental rates...

  • Dubai's economy to grow by 4.5% in 2022

    All major sectors of the economy are growing this year. The trend of overall economic growth began in the second quarter of last year, although the first signals can be traced back to December 2020. According to the Dubai Statistic Center, in the first 9 months of 2021, the economy grew by 6.3% year on year. After contracting by 3.7% in the first...

  • UAE introduces universal federal corporate tax for first time. How will this affect expats?

    Following international tax standards and obligations, the United Arab Emirates imposes a 9% tax on company income, with two exceptions. In 2021, the United Arab Emirates became a member of an agreement on a minimum corporate tax of 15% on the income of major international corporations. 136 countries have signed this agreement and agreed that an...

  • UAE ranks first in new property market rating

    According to the Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index, the UAE is the best country in the rental income potential and cheap property prices per square meter. The new index was launched on February 8, 2022, and is the brainchild of the international consulting company Henley & Partners, engaged in state programs for granting citizenship...

  • District 2020 is future of Dubai real estate market

    The area of Expo 2020 should become the foundation for the local market development in the years ahead. Experts expect the local market to grow exponentially when Expo 2020 is completed, and the venue, District 2020, will be converted into a modern multifunctional area open to expatriates, businesses, and investors. The district was built as a...

  • UAE ranks first in AEML index in GCC and third in emerging markets worldwide

    The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index (AEML) predicts development prospects for emerging markets. It is compiled by Agility, which provides services for creating supply chains. Among the 50 countries in the index, the United Arab Emirates is the best country to start and run a business and the leader in technological development. Several...

  • Uptown Tower: a new skyscraper in DMCC, one of the most significant special economic zones on the planet

    By the third quarter of 2022, the Uptown Tower, the eleventh tallest skyscraper in Dubai, will be completed in DMCC. DMCC is the largest FEZ in the UAE. Financial Times marked this territory as «No. 1 Special Economic Zone in the World» from 2014 to 2018. DMCC is one of the key FEZs for the Middle East and the MENA region and a major...

  • End users were the main driving force in the Dubai real estate market in 2021

    Record mortgage lending volumes of $34 billion show that most buyers are looking for housing for their needs, not investments. The first mortgage payments, reduced by 5%, and low fixed interest rates are the main force attracting many ordinary property consumers to the emirate. Many of them purchase real estate in the country for the first time...

  • Dubai mortgage market in 2021: a historical record for the number and value of mortgage loans issued

    The total value of loans issued exceeded $34 billion. The mortgage lending market recorded 19,520 mortgage transactions in 2021, 26% higher than the previous record in 2017. The total value of these transactions exceeded $34 billion. Compared with 2020, there is an increase of 51% in volume and 46% in value. Borrowers issued many mortgage loans...

  • Gulf News: Real estate offers in the middle segment will become popular

    After the rally in the luxury real estate market and the villa sector in 2021, buyers' interest should shift to more affordable housing. In any real estate sector, there is a price limit, with unattractive offers, buyers prefer to move on. There is also an offer that is always quickly consumed if it becomes the subject of attention. Houses are...

  • Christmas fraud: $8,000 in rent theft, hundreds of victims, perpetrators fled the country — Khaleej Times investigation

    The head of Evernest Holiday Homes Rental LCC and his accomplices deceived employees, tenants, and homeowners by fleeing with the money before Christmas. Evernest Holiday Homes is a real estate agency acting as an intermediary between homeowners in Dubai and tenants looking for vacation properties. At least, that is how they introduced themselves...

  • Dubai ranks first in the world's top most popular places to visit in 2022

    According to the Travelers' Choice Awards for 2022, TripAdvisor, an international platform for tourist travel. CNN reports that Dubai has received high ratings from users on all indicators of tourist attractiveness. Dubai has always been the world's key tourist destination and began to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021,...