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High-yield investment house or villa for sale in Palm Jumeirah

A villa on Palm Jumeirah by the sea is a perfect buy-to-live and buy-to-let option that can be used as a second home which you can rent out when you do not use it. Real estate investments in Dubai are very popular among international investors as this country has a status of a top international resort and ensures high ROIs. However, if you are looking for the most luxurious options with private access to the beach, then Palm Jumeirah is the right choice for you. When renting out your property, the return on investment in Palm Jumeirah reaches 15% per year.

Palm Jumeirah is a unique man-made project. This is an artificial island that offers a great range of luxury apartments, investment villas and houses for sale with all kinds of high-end amenities.

A diverse range of the best investment villas in Palm Jumeirah and detached houses offers options for all tastes and lifestyles. Residential neighborhoods on Palm Jumeirah form closed and well-protected communities, where only owners and tenants are allowed to enter. Each villa and house is equipped with the very latest household appliances and first-class furniture, and many have their own personal access to the beach. Many investors consider Palm Jumeirah the best place to invest in houses.

To buy a villa for investment on the Palm Jumeirah means to make a secure investment that will bring you stable and high returns.

Villa prices in Palm Jumeirah

On Palm Jumeirah, houses and villas have mainly from four to seven bedrooms, which is a perfect option for a large family with children or a group of friends. As for the visual design, each of the villas has an aesthetically attractive architecture. The interior decoration is harmoniously combined with the façade and gives everyone comfort and well-being. This is largely due to the unique location of the island, which attracts many tourists from all over the world, which is why there is a high profitability here.

The villa prices on Palm Jumeirah start from €1.5 million to €11.7 million. The price can vary depending on the individual characteristics of a property.

Investments in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Whether you are an experienced or first-time investor, investment villas on Palm Jumeirah will be a great solution. This landmark island attracts thousands of tourists all year round. This and many other factors guarantee investors high ROIs in the long term. Another reason to invest in local property is that property buyers are entitled to apply for a long-term residence permit from six months to ten years depending on how much money they invest in property.

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