ValuStrat: Villa value in Dubai slows down to stable rates

ValuStrat: Villa value in Dubai slows down to stable rates

In November 2021, ValuStrat, a consulting agency, released a report on the emirate's real estate market. Villa prices have reached a pre-pandemic level, but their growth rates should decrease in the future.

Villa prices are reaching their record figures of 2014. Thus, houses in Palm Jumeirah are only 3.9% cheaper than at the peak of this year.

The capital value of the villas set an annual growth of 34.1%, monthly growth ranged from 2 to 2.9%.

The emirate’s "old" communities, such as Arabian Ranches, showed the highest growth.

Areas of the highest growth:

  • In Arabian Ranches, annual growth was 34.1%, monthly growth was 2.7%;
  • In Jumeirah Island, annual growth was 33.9%, monthly growth was 2.9%;
  • In Lakes, annual growth was 31.2%, monthly growth was 2.9%;
  • In Meadows, annual growth was 29.9%, monthly growth was 2.5.

Mudon has the smallest growth: 19.4% per year, and 1.5% per month.

There was information on the emirate's apartment segment, where Palm Jumeirah showed the highest growth — 17.3% per year and 2% monthly.

There are also areas where apartment prices have fallen:

  • Dubai Production City (a freehold zone) with an annual drop of 1.6% and no change in monthly growth;
  • Dubai Sports City with a decline of 1.9% per year and no change in monthly growth.

The atotal housing price index ValuStrat for Dubai is currently 75.1 points. The base year is 2014, with 100 points in January. Compared to 2020, the annual increase in 2021 was 14.7 points.

This is a good indicator.

Real estate transactions in November 2021 were 40.6% higher than in October and 126.7% higher than in November 2020.

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