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Taraf is a luxury real estate developer and asset manager based in the UAE. Thanks to a unique approach to creating high-quality objects based on design. Taraf is redefining luxury living for its clients by offering exclusivity and exceptional upscale living opportunities.


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Taraf is a boutique property developer and asset manager based in the UAE. With a unique approach to crafting design-led, high-quality properties.

Taraf is reshaping the concept of luxury living for its clients by offering exclusivity and exceptional lifestyle opportunities in elevated living environments. A number of prestigious projects are currently under development and will be launching in 2023.


People are at the heart of all we do. With a consumer-centric design approach, we create places that inspire happy, healthy, active lives, lived in beautiful surroundings. Our boutique projects form close-knit, private communities where like-minded individuals can connect and thrive. With outstanding lifestyle amenities and luxury services, our selective portfolio of residences offer unmatched quality, elevated experiences, and contemporary lifestyles to our clients.


A commitment to architecture and design excellence. Our iconic, design-led properties are highly curated and feature thoughtful layouts, elegant spaces, executed with meticulous attention to detail. Each property is unique, and carefully planned to ensure a timeless appeal and a seamless living experience.


Built with the future in mind. Our projects are consciously designed to stand the test of time. Our dedication to building limited collections of high-quality properties, as part of our selective portfolio approach, we focus on developing timeless properties in prime locations. Taraf’s contemporary design and unending pursuit of quality ensures outstanding lifestyle experiences for our clients.

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