UAE ranks first in AEML index in GCC and third in emerging markets worldwide

UAE ranks first in AEML index in GCC and third in emerging markets worldwide

The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index (AEML) predicts development prospects for emerging markets. It is compiled by Agility, which provides services for creating supply chains.

Among the 50 countries in the index, the United Arab Emirates is the best country to start and run a business and the leader in technological development.

Several other countries of the Persian Gulf and MENA regions are also on the leaderboard: Saudi Arabia (3rd place), Bahrain (5th place), Oman (6th place), Morocco (9th place), and Jordan (10th place).

According to the level of technical development of the economy ("Technological readiness"), the UAE ranks first, followed by: Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Qatar, Indonesia, Chile, and the Philippines.

"Technological readiness" considers such factors as the qualification of specialists in the technology industry, their skills, access to the Internet, the development of e-Commerce, the investment climate, etc.

The global index is compiled from a survey of 756 logistics professionals and includes indicators of competitiveness, strength, supply chain, business climate, etc.

The high attractiveness of the UAE for business creates significant prospects for the recovery of the local commercial real estate sector, which experienced difficulties until the fourth quarter of 2021.

With the slow recovery of business activity in the UAE during the post-COVID period, commercial real estate is showing signs of life.

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