SmartCrowd announces premium service for HNWI investors

SmartCrowd announces premium service for HNWI investors

Regulated by DFSA, the financial authority of the FEZ DIFC, the investment crowdfunding platform is looking for new ways to capitalize by providing services to rich and super-rich investors.

SmartCrowd is a company and service of the same name established in Dubai, DIFC in 2018. This service operates in a similar way to any other crowdfunding platform. SC organizes fund-raising for point investments in promising properties. Income from such real estate, in whatever form it may be, is shared among depositors in appropriate proportions.

A distinctive feature of the service was the emphasis on attracting small individual investors. At the moment, any person with AED 500 available can become a real estate investor through SmartCrowd.

However, late last week, the company announced a policy change. Observing the strong growth of the emirate's economy and real estate market, SC decided to attract money and larger sponsors - HNWI - individuals with large net capital (assets in the amount of $ 1,000,000 or more).

The new premium service sets a minimum investment rate of $54,459 and is designed for HNWI in both the UAE and GCC countries. The United Arab Emirates are members of the GCC and 144,959 people with assets from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000 live in this association. There are 115 individuals with assets worth more than $100,000,000.

Currently, SmartCrowd has attracted over 20,000 users and the return on investment, according to DFSA, it is above the market average. At the moment, investors have received more than AED 1,500,000 from rental income.

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