Now you can become an investor in Dubai real estate with a capital of $ 136

Now you can become an investor in Dubai real estate with a capital of $ 136

SmartCrowd, an investment crowdfunding platform regulated by the government agency DFSA at DIFC, has lowered the minimum investment amount from $ 545 to $ 136.

SmartCrowd is a crowdfunding investment platform that works on the principle of collecting investments from its members, investing the collected funds in specific projects and proportionally distributing income among investors.

The platform is available for UAE citizens, expats, business investors and tourists. It was formed in 2017 and became a fully legal project under the leadership of DFSA in 2019.

At the moment, the project has distributed about $ 354,000 among its participants. This is a young project and the decrease in the rate from 545 to 136 dollars for deposits is a step towards the website popularization.

The platform is registered in the Special Economic Zone in the center of Dubai, this creates minimal restrictions on the choice of investment objects and at the moment SmartCrowd has invested in more than 40 objects.

The properties are located in different areas of the emirate, including Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Siddiq Farid, CEO and co-founder of the platform, says: “We want to make real estate investment affordable and convenient for anyone. For a price comparable to a round of golf or lunch, investors can be part of a vibrant city like Dubai.”

Such crowdfunding is seen as an opportunity for ordinary working people to try themselves in investments and build enough capital to invest in real estate on their own in the future.

Such market decisions can also lead to a significant influx of new investors into the market - this will increase the aggregate demand in the emirate, which will be beneficial for the overall market growth.

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