A new trend for eco-friendly housing: about 47% of UAE residents strive to make their homes «environmentally safe»

A new trend for eco-friendly housing: about 47% of UAE residents strive to make their homes «environmentally safe»

According to a recent study by Taqeef and O General companies operating in the climate equipment market, about 47% of residents of the Arab Emirates expressed a confident willingness to make their current housing more «eco-friendly» or change their place of residence to a more environmentally friendly alternative. Besides, 55% indicated that they are already paying close attention to the environmental safety of electronic devices that they purchase. Especially when it comes to air conditioning.

Another 33% indicated that the issue of environmental friendliness is as important for them as the issue of price, and 27% indicated that they are ready to change electronic products at their disposal, despite the price, if they are safer for the environment. Of the total number of respondents, 30% expressed a desire for manufacturers to place more emphasis on ecology, explaining the principles of energy efficiency and low carbon emissions in their marketing.

However, it is worth noting that the growing popularity of «green» real estate and electronics is associated not only with a sudden increase in public concern about the health of the environment. So at least a third of respondents (29%) are aware that new environmentally friendly equipment and real estate, in the long term, are more profitable than their classic counterparts. Especially in the aspect of room conditioning.

In a desert region of stable high temperatures and drying air, air conditioning plays an incredible importance. This is especially noticeable in large cities during the summer (an excess of concrete and glass in the middle of the desert does not contribute to the creation of a low-temperature regime). It is known that 70% of the total electricity costs in the UAE are accounted for by air conditioning. This not only causes a huge blow to the environment every year, but also entails impressive costs for both business and ordinary people.

In view of this, real estate and electronics that can maintain an optimal climate for life with minimal costs and emissions naturally come to the fore in consumer demand. Taking into account that the trend for «environmental friendliness» will only continue to grow, according to all available data, for investors today this is a good option for investing money in popular assets.

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