Main criteria for real estate buyers in Dubai are prices and quality of life

Main criteria for real estate buyers in Dubai are prices and quality of life

Economic and key sector data show that the UAE has begun to strengthen its position among the countries with the highest economic stability and growth potential — Gulf News.

According to research on the structure of demand in the Dubai housing market, the key factors among buyers to make the final decision, «purchase or not», are two points:

  • Real estate price or price per square meter.
  • Property quality and the quality of life for the price buyers receive.

This importance of quality of life is reflected in the recently launched "Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index".

The index is compiled by the international company Henley & Partners in collaboration with Deep Knowledge Analytics, which develops machine learning technologies. H&P is a consulting company in citizenship and residence for investment.

The UAE ranked first in attractiveness for international investors who wish to become expats in this country. While the price per square meter is significant in decision-making, as expected, it was followed by such criteria as security, economic opportunities, progressive legislation, and social cohesion.

From an investment point of view, indicators such as the required level of investment, potential rental income, related expenses, the ability to quickly resell real estate, and residency requirements also play a major role for the UAE.

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