DLD: In 2021, 84,772 real estate transactions for $82 billion were registered in Dubai

DLD: In 2021, 84,772 real estate transactions for $82 billion were registered in Dubai

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) report released in early January indicates a 65% increase in transactions and a 71% increase in value compared to 2020.

In 2021, 52,415 investors made 72,207 real estate investments for $40.29 billion in the emirate.

Thus, compared to 2020, the number of investments increased by 73.7% and the number of investors by 65.6%. This represents a significant annual increase in new investors in the emirate compared to previous years.

There are several reasons for Dubai's attractiveness to foreigners, both economic and social, but the main one is high epidemiological security.

Among other international real estate market leaders, Dubai is distinguished by low morbidity rates, a high level of vaccination, and minimal quarantine restrictions for residents and visitors of the city.

8,826 foreign investors were citizens of the GCC. Most investors came from Europe, South and East Asia, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, India, and China. 38,318 foreign investors are citizens of these three regions.

There has been a high increase in women investors. In 2021, 17,705 women made 22,165 investments for $10.45 billion. This is 72% more than in 2020.

During the year, 3,171 new brokers entered the emirate market. Thus, there are now 8,002 brokers in Dubai, and 2,715 of them are women.

Throughout the year, 35 ambitious real estate projects for over $2.9 billion were completed in Dubai. In addition, 49,790 new properties were commissioned.

602,714 Ejari contracts were also signed (RERA lease registration system).

The Dubai Land Department issued 4,230 new licenses for real estate business.

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