District 2020 is future of Dubai real estate market

District 2020 is future of Dubai real estate market

The area of Expo 2020 should become the foundation for the local market development in the years ahead.

Experts expect the local market to grow exponentially when Expo 2020 is completed, and the venue, District 2020, will be converted into a modern multifunctional area open to expatriates, businesses, and investors.

The district was built as a self-supporting community with a wide range of multifunctional residential and commercial properties, similar to a "city-in-a-city". It is known that at least 80% of the infrastructure will be reused.

District 2020 will reopen to investors, businesses, workers, and expats in October 2022, 6 months after Expo 2020.

Between 3% and 5% of the people who visited the exhibition want to visit District again in the future. The demand for short-term real estate leases in the World Exhibition area and surrounding areas has increased significantly.

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