Jumeirah Park

Minimum price of objects3 081 000 AED
Average price of objects3 922 000 AED
The minimum rental price of objects108 000 AED
Average rental price of objects176 000 AED
Community square3700000 m²
Preferred object typesVillas


Type of buildings:
Starting price is
AED 3,08M
Beautiful view
Prestigious neighborhood
Ecological area

About Jumeirah Park

Jumeirah Park is an area located in the heart of Dubai’s most beautiful district, featuring a large park area with low-rise buildings, close to the sea and other iconic parts of the emirate. Everything you need for happy family life or a carefree vacation is available here. The total area of ​​this residential community is more than 350 hectares. The area is extremely beautiful as different features are seamlessly combined, with an environment-oriented approach, high living standards, well-developed infrastructure, and proximity to all other Dubai areas where you can work, relax, sunbathe, and just enjoy your time.

Outdoor features

  • Public parking
  • Paid parking
  • Parks
  • Transport accessibility
  • Mall
  • School
  • Kindergartens
  • Bars
  • Pharmacy


  • Close to the sea
  • Quiet area
  • Landscape design
  • Villas
  • Suitable for families with children
  • Suitable for recreation
  • Investment attractiveness

Changes in the Real Estate Market: Jumeirah Park

Currently, this area is becoming increasingly popular among both new investors in the UAE and those who have already purchased an investment property in Dubai and are now looking for a home to live in with their families.

Trends for Real Estate Sales in Jumeirah Park

There are no skyscrapers here and there will be no plans for later development of buildings in this area, as this is the community’s ideal. Here you will find private properties only, mostly low-rise buildings for 1 or 2 families. Each property consists of a villa with all amenities, enclosed by a fence. These properties also feature a swimming pool, a garage for cars or storage, as well as a well-manicured garden. Also, in this area, social infrastructure is combined with an abundance of greenery. Schools, kindergartens, recreation areas, and everything else here, are decorated by bushes, trees, and lawns.

Jumeirah Park is considered to be the best option for a quiet slow-paced lifestyle, where you can take care of your garden, spend time with your family, and enjoy nature. But, you can always quickly reach those city areas where life is in full swing, where money is made, and where, for example, your business may be located. Jumeirah Park is no less luxurious than Nakheel's other developments, such as Jumeirah Village, Jumeirah Golf Estate, and Jumeirah Islands.

In this community there are villas with the following layout options:

  • 3-bedroom with a gallery
  • 3-bedroom with increased space
  • 4-bedroom
  • 5-bedroom

Trends for Real Estate Renting in Jumeirah Park

The area is quite attractive for those wishing to rent an apartment. In total, 2,000 apartments are planned to appear within the community’s borders. The unified appearance of the residential area is represented by a mixture of several architectural styles, such as heritage, regional, and rural. Each private villa has its own garden and a 2-car garage. 4 and 5-bedroom villas have a pool with automatic temperature monitoring, while smaller properties have a dedicated space for a water reservoir. Residential properties have an area of 330 square meters up to 471 square meters. The interior layouts are always comfortable and allow room for any furniture.

The developer has paid special attention to those who cannot imagine their life without sports and different activities. There are numerous jogging and cycling paths, gyms, and tennis courts within the community’s territory.

Jumeirah Park was created taking into account the latest eco-standards and environmental developments. This is manifested in the construction and will be reflected in public services. Eco-friendly materials, minimal emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and constant monitoring of eco-indicators during further villa maintenance, are the priorities that the company adhered to while creating these residential facilities.

View from the window

Valuable Insights for Real Estate Investors in Jumeirah Park

The Jumeirah Park area has a fantastic location. This district is convenient for everyone, whether for families, vacationers, or businesspersons.

Return on Investment in Jumeirah Park

The high profitability of Jumeirah Park is explained by the following advantages:

  • Short distance to the airports. Residents need only 30 minutes to reach any airport, be it the central Dubai International Airport or the Al Maktoum Airport.
  • Jumeirah Park is part of the free economic zone. In prior years foreign residents were prohibited from becoming owners of real estate in Dubai. Later, when the state relaxed this condition, territories of free economic ownership began to appear, and Jumeirah Park belongs to one of these zones.
  • Close to the beach but away from tourists. JP is not an attraction for tourists who are fascinated by the skyscrapers of the neighboring Jumeirah Lake Towers or spend all day long on the boardwalks of the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. At the same time, the residents of Jumeirah Park can easily access the beach or one of the coastal areas for a walk and a pleasant time. The promenade can be reached in 10 minutes by car or you can spend 30 minutes walking to the nearest beach at a slow pace.

Amenities in Jumeirah Park

Dubai is a great attraction for many people, not only because of its proximity to the sea and luxurious lifestyle. The emirate is appreciated by all lovers of shopping and entertainment in the modern world. Jumeirah Park is extremely convenient from this point of view.

Pavilion Shopping and Entertainment Center

The Pavilion is a shopping center located within the territory of this residential area. Here you will find about thirty stores of various shops, including boutiques, casual clothing stores, and departments with home goods. In the same huge building, you will also find various repair, cleaning, and maintenance services, offering all the necessities and more.

You can also have lunch in the shopping center or meet friends over a cup of aromatic coffee, which is offered at several restaurants and cafes here for this purpose.

Jumeirah Park Mall

The next mall on our list in Jumeirah Park is a future development that will soon open its doors to Jumeirah Park residents, as well as to the surrounding areas’ residents and visitors to Dubai. Jumeirah Park Mall (this name is fixed in the project drawings) is located within the most densely populated area. This mall will become a recreation and activity area.

Inside the sports mall, you will be able to find everything related to healthcare and a healthy lifestyle. This will include a fitness room for training and stretching, a wellness complex with a 50-meter Olympic-scale swimming pool, as well as all kinds of exercise equipment. The gym, with exercise equipment, will occupy an area of ​​1500 square meters. There will also be a self-care zone, with spa treatments, sauna, hammam, massage premises, and much more on offer.

Ibn Battuta Mall

The Ibn Battuta Mall is one-of-a-kind among shopping centers. This is a place of attraction not only for all shopaholics who come to enjoy Dubai but also for those who love museums. The mall consists of different zones, each of which includes natural decor elements from different countries.

Ibn Battuta is the name of a famous Arab traveling merchant who lived in the 14th century. The wanderer crossed deserts and seas and reached distant lands. Now there is a truly rare entertainment and educational complex in his memory in the Emirates.

Each of the zones in the mall represents a specific country, here is just a brief description of what each part of the complex can offer you:

  • Indian Pavilion: numerous shops with the best fabrics from around the world surrounding a magnificent 8-meter-high figure of an elephant. The elephant is also a clock and a hallmark of this complex. In this zone designer and casual children's clothes are also offered for purchase.
  • Persian Pavilion: not just carpets in the best traditions of Persia, but in general, everything that can be purchased for your home can be found here.
  • Egyptian pavilion: here you can return to the Middle Ages and experience what Cairo was like, as the largest Middle Eastern trade center of that time. As for our modern-life needs, a lot of sports goods, clothes, shoes, and accessories are presented here. There are also stores with goods for children.
  • Tunisian pavilion: designed in the Afro-Mediterranean style and accommodating a large number of restaurants and cafeterias for every taste. It also houses homeware shops and a hypermarket.
  • Andalusian pavilion: designed in the corresponding medieval style. Conveniently, there are banks, flower shops, shops with electronics and multimedia equipment, different repair and service centers, laundries, and dry cleaning services, all in one place, including everything related to household goods and services.
  • Chinese pavilion: where you will find two cinemas. These are the Grand Megaplex cinema, which has more than twenty halls, and the first Imax cinema in the Middle East. The food court is also located here, so after you watch a film you can have a meal here.

Jumeirah Park Social Infrastructure

Jumeirah Park will have everything needed for comfortable living, including medical facilities within the residential community’s borders. This approach gives comfort to residents and allows them to not leave the area if they don’t want to.


Schools here are developed for children who are ready to study according to the British curriculum. For example, there is a branch of the Dubai British Schools network that is located next to the Pavilion shopping center. There is also a secondary school for girls.


The residential area has its own mosque, which can be reached on foot from any part of the residential community.

Healthcare Centers

There are two medical facilities within the residential community of Jumeirah Park. One medical center is multi-faceted, offers all types of analyzes and studies, and hires the best experts among the staff. The second healthcare facility is a private office by the psychotherapist, Isa Siegen. Psychological assistance and, if necessary, the use of specialized treatment are the profiles of this expert.

We’ll Assist You in Purchasing a Property in Jumeirah Park

If you are looking for the best area for a quiet life, and close to iconic scenery, Jumeirah Park is a perfect option for you. Please feel free to contact our experts to make purchasing a property trouble-free. Our professional staff will do everything to help you choose your dream home in this quiet residential area. They will also assist you with the documents necessary for the transaction. We provide support for the process of buying and selling, translate documents, and help with property ownership registration.

Step into your bright future today, and start looking for a property in the Emirates with us!

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