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Tanmiyat Global Real Estate
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Tanmiyat Global Real Estate Development LLC is one of the best global real estate developers in Dubai. The group was established in the year 2005 led by Eng. Muhammad Bin Odah. Tamniyat has been a popular name in real estate development in the Middle East, and has secured joint ventures projects across the wider region covering Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Sudan. The company has continued to progress and expand by aiming the security of the leading position in the industry in the whole Middle East.

The projects of Tamniyat have successfully grown, as the company ensured providing a unique and peaceful living experience to the community. Its successful projects include The Court Tower and The Living Legends. Tamniyat Group has delivered honest commitment to its clients by having high standards in every aspect of business. The developer provides strong support in dealing the costumers’ satisfaction, by looking after and giving support to their valuable clients.