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Rezidența Jumeirah Beach

Preț minim al proprietăților1 100 000 AED
Preț mediu al proprietăților6 917 000 AED
Rate minime de închiriere ale proprietăților49 000 AED
Rate medii de închiriere ale proprietăților135 000 AED
Zonă comunitară2000000 Metri pătrați
Tipuri de proprietate preferateApartments
Starting price is
AED 1,1M
Technological building
(IT technologies)
Type of buildings:
Premium, Business, Elite
Beautiful view
Prestigious neighborhood

About Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence (or JBR) is a luxury area for living and recreation. Here, the urban layout and scenery seamlessly intertwine the traditions of Arab culture with the Mediterranean-style elements. This rare style was developed by WATG (Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo). The Jumeirah Beach Resort is located directly on the coast of the Persian Gulf. This area is considered the most expensive in the entire emirate.

Jumeirah Beach Residence is aptly named, as many wealthy citizens have an apartment here as a vacation home, where they come to replenish vitamin D, inhale the fresh sea air, swim, water ski, rent a yacht, and simply have a carefree time. The area is one-of-a-kind because it does not extend into the city itself, but stretches along the seashore. This means that absolutely all residential properties, entertainment venues, and cafes are adjacent to the 2-kilometer-long beach.

Facilități în aer liber

  • Parc acvatic
  • Parcare publică
  • Parcare cu plată
  • Parcuri
  • Trasee de mers pe jos
  • Accesibilitate la mijloacele de transport
  • Centre de fitness
  • Mall
  • Școli
  • Grădinițe
  • Metrou
  • Moschee
  • Biserică
  • Parc de distracții
  • Cluburi de noapte
  • Centru SPA
  • Baruri
  • Cinema
  • Farmacie


  • Aproape de malul apei
  • Aproape de mare
  • Aproape de centrul orașului
  • Prima linie
  • Acces direct la plajă
  • VIP
  • Noi complexe imobiliare
  • Imobiliare de lux
  • Zonă sigură
  • Clădiri de birouri
  • Potrivit pentru familii
  • Zgârie-nori
  • Cartier modern
  • Potrivit pentru un concediu
  • Atracție pentru investiții
  • Zonă turistică
  • Arhitectură modernă
  • Potrivit pentru muncă
  • Tehnologii inovative
Property in this area
Sortare după
  • Dubai
    2 560 000 AED - 6 610 000 AED
    Tip Complex imobiliarData finalizării: III Cartier, 2027 (în stadiul de proiect)1 apartament: minim 2 560 000 AED2 apartamente: minim 3 350 000 AED3 apartamente: minim 6 350 000 AEDDistanța până la mare 50 metri
  • Dubai
    15 574 287 AED - 37 422 044 AED
    Tip Complex imobiliarData finalizării: III Cartier, 2024 (în stadiul de proiect)3 apartamente: minim 15 574 287 AED4 apartamente: minim 21 134 918 AED5 apartamente: minim 37 080 290 AEDDistanța până la mare 150 metri
  • Dubai
    13 500 000 AED
    Tip Complex imobiliarData finalizării: II Cartier, 2024 (în stadiul de proiect)Distanța până la mare 150 metri
  • Dubai
    8 000 000 AED - 17 000 000 AED
    Tip Complex imobiliarData finalizării: I Cartier, 2020 (Finalizat)2 apartamente: minim 8 000 000 AED3 apartamente: minim 9 070 000 AEDDistanța până la mare 50 metri
  • Dubai
    2 700 000 AED - 57 000 000 AED
    Tip Complex imobiliarData finalizării: II Cartier, 2023 (în stadiul de proiect)Studio: minim 2 700 000 AED1 apartament: minim 3 700 000 AED2 apartamente: minim 6 250 000 AED3 apartamente: minim 10 000 000 AED6 apartamente: minim 57 000 000 AEDDistanța până la mare 300 metri
  • Dubai
    3 100 000 AED - 25 000 000 AED
    Tip Complex imobiliarData finalizării: II Cartier, 2023 (în stadiul de proiect)1 apartament: minim 3 100 000 AED2 apartamente: minim 5 500 000 AED3 apartamente: minim 8 800 000 AED4 apartamente: minim 7 361 000 AED5 apartamente: minim 25 000 000 AEDDistanța până la mare 100 metri

Changes in the Real Estate Market: Jumeirah Beach Residence

In total, there are 40 residential properties in the quarter, and 36 of them are residential skyscrapers with apartments. The capacity of the district is 25,000 people.

Trends for Real Estate Sales in Jumeirah Beach Residence

The area is completely ready to move in. New real estate units are not available appear here. In this regard, all sales are presented only in the form of purchases from the previous owner.

Trends for Real Estate Rentals in Jumeirah Beach Residence

The area is convenient because, besides hotel rooms, there are many apartments, some of which include meals and others that do not. This type of accommodation gives more freedom to vacationers, as there is a feeling that you will not be disturbed by the attendants, and cleaning (if needed), can always be ordered privately. JBR has a large number of apartments for rent, and the demand to purchase such housing for a rental business exceeds the existing stock.

View from the window

Valuable Insights for Real Estate Investors in Jumeirah Beach Residence

This area is always crowded, and during the high season, there are not enough apartments to check in, so overbooking is often observed in hotels. That is why many residents and foreign citizens are trying to buy an investment property in Dubai so that they can always have a place to visit if they wish. When the apartment is not in use, they then have the option to lease it out, which will not be difficult here, due to the UAE having a holiday season that continues all year round, with a slight adjustment in temperature and types of tourists.

Return on Investment in Jumeirah Beach Residence Real Estate

The return on investment in real estate in this area cannot be overestimated. It is the most popular ultra-luxury resort, included in the TOP-50 of the best areas on Earth. There will always be interest in recreation here because only this area features numerous restaurants, the famous The Walk promenade, and the grand shopping mall, Dubai Marina Mall within walking distance.

Depending on the month, the national composition of vacationers and residents in the emirate changes. During the hottest months of August and September, many Arabs leave the country because at this time sunstroke is a common occurrence. But it is at this time that trip vouchers are sold with huge discounts, which attracts those who want a luxury vacation for less money. From October until December, the velvet season arrives, when the water temperature is still high, but the sun is not scorching so mercilessly. During these months, the cost of trips and airline tickets increases. In winter the “coolest” period begins, (if we could use this reference for the country of eternal summer), and the air temperature can drop to 22-24 degrees during the day, and to a pleasantly cooling 18 degrees at night. In such weather, investors and businessmen like to visit the country to do business, and vacationers from cold regions and countries come to enjoy some warm weather and sunshine. For such tourists, the Emirates is becoming a country where you can escape to a mini-summer and not suffer much from climate change.


Jumeirah Beach Residence Review

Jumeirah Beach Residence is the richest in entertainment and therefore the most favorable area among vacationers. Those who live in neighboring residential areas also come here to rest. The JBR promenade is included in the excursion programs of many tours, and is generally in the world's tour guides, as a "must-see" place when traveling around the Emirates. Visiting the mall at Jumeirah Beach Residence for a luxury shopping experience is one of the reasons thousands upon thousands of tourists choose JBR.

The Best Hotels in Jumeirah Beach Residence

The resort has several hotels with a fully-operational food system, service, and an impressive assortment of entertainment programs. Here is a condensed list of the most popular hotels in the area, which also delight residents with breathtaking panoramas of the city and the Persian Gulf:

  • Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection
  • Rose Rayhaan by Rotana
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Sheraton Jumeirah Beach

To relax (mainly on the beach), you can choose one of the following accommodation options:

  • Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah
  • Amwaj Rotana
  • Sofitel Dubai
  • JA Ocean View Hotel
  • DoubleTree by Hilton

Beaches near Jumeirah Beach Residence

The Walk area is not just a coastal area for a beach holiday, but also a favorite for everyone who comes to the emirate. It is especially crowded here on weekends and holidays, as well as during the high season.

Once on the boardwalk, you can walk along the JBR and experience all its benefits. There is also a 600-meter running track and a sports ground. Concerts and carnival processions are regularly held here, and fireworks are launched in the evenings.

The Persian Gulf is within walking distance from here, so you have a chance to try your hand at parasailing or wakeboarding. Cross the water with your kids on a banana boat or visit the world's largest inflatable water world. For those who prefer quiet entertainment, there are a large number of sun loungers and umbrellas on the promenade. And everyone will be excited about trying a real camel ride at least once!

Shopping Centers in Jumeirah Beach Residence

The iconic Marina Mall is just a five-minute walk away from JBR, as are all the other attractions in the nearby Dubai Marina community.

Marina Mall is a combination of luxurious Arabic and modern European styles. The shopping mall successfully blends with the appearance of the coastal territory, and inside, despite a large number of visitors, you can relax and have a good time.

On the 4 floors of the shopping and entertainment center, there are more than 140 shops, more than 20 restaurants, and cafes, money exchange points, a gaming area, a bowling alley, and a cinema. Free Wi-Fi is available on all floors of the complex.

Jumeirah Beach Residence Location

JBR is located nearby not only the Dubai Marina, but also to other iconic Dubai districts, such as Internet City, Media City, and the Emirates Golf Club.

Public Infrastructure in Jumeirah Beach Residence

JBR has a fully established infrastructure, which makes it attractive for those who want to move to Dubai as soon as possible and not wait for schools and shops to be built nearby. Therefore, this area is often chosen for moving to permanent residence with family and kids.

Schools and Nurseries

Within the area, there are several nurseries, including British Toddler Town and British Orchard. There are several dance schools and a comprehensive school where lessons are taught in English.


There are also higher educational institutions in JBR, including Synergy University, a branch of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Modul University Dubai, and the American University.

Healthcare Facilities

Next to JBR, there is a modern hospital (combined with an outpatients’ clinic), Aster Hospital Dubai. This is a multidisciplinary medical institution, where outpatient and inpatient treatment is available in various areas, as well as therapeutic services and pregnancy management. This healthcare center has its own laboratory and sports medicine therapy area.

Public Transport in Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station is within walking distance. Thanks to the subway, you can quickly reach any area of the emirate without experiencing delays caused by traffic jams.

There are also several ground-transport routes in the area, for which buses 8 and 84 are available. On the 8th bus, you can travel to the Dubai Zoo, and on the 84th you can reach the Internet City and Media City districts.

It takes just half an hour to travel from JBR to the Dubai International Airport.

Car Rental Services in Jumeirah Beach Residence

If you want to add more comfort to your vacation and travel to different parts of the emirate without public transport, car rental services are on offer. There are several car rental companies  within the community, including:

  • Discover Cars
  • My-rent-a-car
  • Renty – a luxury car rental
  • Rent a Car service
  • Cargets

Rent a Car is an online platform for booking vehicles from different international rental companies at a lower cost than when ordering directly from the rental agency. Cargets is an aggregator for searching for local car rental companies.

When renting a vehicle in Dubai, you will need an international driver's license and a personalized bank card. We recommend that you carefully inspect the car before renting. Check for any damage and, if necessary, take photos of all scratches, etc. This way you protect yourself from paying for repairs.

On average, the price for renting a good compact-class foreign car with an automatic transmission starts at $20-30 per day.

We’ll Assist You in Purchasing a Property in Jumeirah Beach Residence

Are you interested in investing in Jumeirah Beach Residence but don't know where to start? Just contact our experts. Our company is engaged in the professional selection and sale of real estate units in Dubai, as well as providing translation and paperwork services, organizing transaction support, and helping with the rental business in the United Arab Emirates. Buying a property with us is a guarantee of a quick and successful transaction.

Step closer to your dream - start your search for property in Dubai now!

Agents in the area
David James
Expert imobiliar
  • Limbile experțilorEngleză
Laila Akroum
Consultant senior imobiliar
  • Limbile experțilorArabă, Engleză
Luiza Ribas Patane
Consultant senior imobiliar
  • Limbile experțilorEngleză

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