Emaar Beachfront

Preț minim al proprietăților1 350 000 AED
Preț mediu al proprietăților3 730 000 AED
Rate minime de închiriere ale proprietăților220 000 AED
Rate medii de închiriere ale proprietăților270 000 AED
Zonă comunitară929030 Metri pătrați
Tipuri de proprietate preferateApartments, penthouses and villas


Starting price is
AED 1.35M
Type of buildings:
Premium, Elite
Prestigious neighborhood
Luxury lifestyle
Beautiful view
Panoramic sea views from the apartment
1400 berths at the marina

About Emaar Beachfront

Emaar Beachfront is a new luxury real estate community located in Dubai Marina. The new residential complex is adjacent to the Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah.

The proximity of Dubai's major shopping centers, the best restaurants, yacht clubs and beaches will ensure a comfortable pastime in developed urban conditions, as well as allow you to diversify your leisure time. There is a developed transport connection in the area, public transport runs regularly. From here you can easily go to the Sheikh Zayed highway, and from there to the main locations of Dubai. The sale of luxury real estate in Emaar Beachfront is open to those who are looking for prestigious housing in Dubai.

The total area of the residential community is almost 1,000,000 sq. m. in luxury real estate in Dubai in Emaar Beachfront. At the moment, Emaar Beachfront is one of the best off-plan projects of Emaar, a major developer in Dubai. The complex consists of 10,000 housing units distributed across 27 buildings, which form a residential association.

Potential buyers of real estate Emaar Beachfront offers the following range of housing:

  • Apartments with 1 and 4 bedrooms;
  • Penthouses with 2 and 4 bedrooms;
  • Luxury villas with up to 4 rooms.

Also, a hotel under the management of Address Hotels + Resorts will be located in the multifunctional complex. Residents, guests and visitors of the hotel will have access to a 1.5-kilometer pristine beach in the Dubai Marina.

Facilități în aer liber

  • Parcare publică
  • Parcare cu plată
  • Parcuri
  • Accesibilitate la mijloacele de transport
  • Centre de fitness
  • Mall
  • Școli
  • Grădinițe
  • Moschee
  • Biserică
  • Baraj
  • Centru SPA
  • Baruri
  • Cinema


  • Aproape de malul apei
  • Aproape de mare
  • Prima linie
  • Acces direct la plajă
  • VIP
  • Noi complexe imobiliare
  • Apartamente de tip Penthouse
  • Vile
  • Imobiliare de lux
  • Zonă sigură
  • Localizat pe o insulă
  • Potrivit pentru familii
  • Zgârie-nori
  • Potrivit pentru un concediu
  • Atracție pentru investiții
  • Terasă panoramică
  • Zonă turistică
  • Arhitectură modernă
  • Tehnologii inovative

Changes in the Emaar Beachfront real estate market

Recent measures of isolation and self-isolation have had a tangible impact on consumer preferences in residential areas of Dubai. At the moment, the Dubai real estate market as a whole is trying to meet the ever-increasing demand for ready-made housing. The most popular objects were on the coast or in closed areas with good infrastructure and parks nearby.

Emaar Beachfront works in accordance with the trends and offers accommodation with an optimal balance of price, quality and comfort.

The main features and advantages of the Emaar Beachfront project are:

  • High profitability;
  • Fast return on investment;
  • Convenient access to key social and public facilities;
  • Developed infrastructure of the complex itself and the area as a whole;
  • Shopping centers, cafes, restaurants are easily accessible;
  • Accommodation with sea view;
  • Close location of the beach.

The real estate in Emaar Beachfront is designed in such a way as to provide a person with freedom of movement, life and recreation. There is practicality and simplicity, mixed with refined finishes and the gloss of luxury housing at the heart of each object.

Real estate rental trends in Emaar Beachfront

The rental market in Dubai is well developed, while the level of income from the rental business here is much higher than in other tourist countries. In particular, thanks to this fact, the Emaar Beachfront residential community, which itself is located in one of the most famous areas of Dubai, will be popular with tourists and locals who dream of high-class. Taking into account these circumstances, the objects will have a high investment potential for those who are interested in the commercial use of real estate.

Now in Dubai and in the UAE as a whole, there are villas and apartments that are completely ready for living on the wave of demand. They are most often preferred by tenants to rent them. As for Emaar Beachfront, all the conditions for a comfortable stay on the coast will be implemented here.

Out of 10,000 housing units, investors will find a lot of profitable real estate objects that will become a stable source of income. Of these:

  • Villas — from 2 to 4 bedrooms;
  • Apartments — from 1 to 4 bedrooms;
  • Prestigious apartments in Emaar Beachfront — from 1 to 4 bedrooms.

After the construction is completed, the owners will receive objects fully equipped with furniture, household appliances, with excellent repair.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Dubai

An owner who sells an object for rent in one of the best areas of Dubai can expect an income of 10% to 15% per annum. Depending on the location and type of the object, the percentage of profit may increase or, on the contrary, decrease.

The type of lease is no less important in the issue of rental business. Owners will be able to rent housing for long-term and short-term rent in luxury real estate in Emaar Beachfront. The percentage of profit from a short-term lease is usually higher than from a similar object put into operation, but with a long-term lease. What is the reason? To do this, you need to understand the subtleties of each type separately.

Long-term rental is a common model of doing real estate business. It helps to receive passive income by renting out housing for a long time. Previously, the owner and the tenant must conclude an agreement that will regulate their commercial relations. The minimum term for concluding a contract is 1 year, during which neither of the parties can initiate the termination of the contract without a valid reason. As a rule, the yield from a long-term lease is lower, and ranges from 5 to 8% per annum.

Short-term rental allows you to receive the maximum income from owning real estate. The owner's profit in this case can reach 15% per annum. This type of lease allows you to receive the maximum and quickly achieve a return on your initial investment. The large financial gap between the two types of rental is due to the high demand for seasonal housing.

In order to start renting housing in Emaar Beachfront, the owner must obtain a license to carry out such activities or delegate all the processes to the management company, which will not only take full responsibility for the maintenance of the property, but will also independently search for tenants.

Return on investment in real estate in Emaar Beachfront

The unique location of the residential community, the international popularity of the area, as well as the developed infrastructure will attract more interested buyers and tenants, especially couples and those who are interested in spacious housing and beach holidays.

Advantages of buying a property in Emaar Beachfront for investment

  • Consistently high demand in the area for real estate of all types, and, as a result, high profitability and fast payback;
  • Return on investment over several years;
  • A comfortable economic climate in the country and a loyal attitude to foreign businessmen and investors in profitable real estate;
  • Free property zone;
  • A wide range of real estate;
  • Wide range of prices for flats, villas and apartments;
  • Rental yield up to 15%;
  • The possibility of obtaining a resident visa for investing in real estate in Dubai.

Amenities of Emaar Beachfront


The new residential complex has a strategically correct location – within walking distance for residents there is a developed urban infrastructure with supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, shops, clinics, well-maintained beaches, etc. All significant social and public locations are located within a 5-minute walk from the community.

For large purchases, you can go to the Spinneys and Carrefour supermarkets, which are 7 minutes away by private transport.

For couples, the proximity of kindergartens and schools will be a pleasant bonus. There are many educational institutions with an international bias, thanks to which children from abroad will be able to study and adapt to society in them with comfort.


There is a regular transport connection on the coast and a private beach for Emaar residents. Inhabitants of the residential complex can get to the necessary areas of the city by bus, tram or metro. Emaar Beachfront is a 10-minute drive from Nakheel, DAMAC Properties and DMCC.

Medical services

The level of medical care in Dubai is at the highest level. Residents of Emaar Beachfront can use the services of the best specialists. Not far from the residential community there are:

  • Emirates Hospital Clinic;
  • Le Royal Meridien Clinic.

These institutions can be reached in 5 minutes by private transport.


Since the complex is located within walking distance from Dubai Marina, it is convenient to get to famous shopping centers from here. The most popular ones are:

  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Golden Mile Gallery
  • Nakheel Shopping Center

These shopping centers are a 10-minute drive away. The Dubai Marina Mall has more than 140 retail outlets and 21 restaurants.

Attractions and recreation areas

There are many places near Emaar Beach where you can spend your cultural time. These include:

  • Marina;
  • Long coastline with well-groomed beaches;
  • Dubai Marina Walk — for active recreation, where there are chic cafes, popular retail outlets and many interesting places;
  • JBR Walk Embankment.


Emaar private beach for residents of Emaar Beachfront is a true decoration of the living space. The well-groomed coastline stretches for 1.5 km. Here, locals and visitors can comfortably spend time with children, do water sports or just contemplate the beauty of the sea. Marina Beach, Pine Beach and JBR are no less interesting locations for beach holidays, which are located 10 minutes from the Emaar Beachfront community.

We will select a profitable property for investment

More interesting options for prestigious real estate in Dubai Marina for living and investing in the catalog on the Dubai-Property.Investments website. Look for objects on the luxury real estate market in Dubai Marina yourself or seek help from a specialist. Here you are guaranteed to get detailed answers to all your questions about renting and buying profitable real estate in Dubai

If necessary, the agents will select the optimal object based on your needs and preferences, as well as analyze it from the point of view of investment value.

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