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Al Furjan

Мінімальна ціна нерухомості411 000 AED
Середня ціна нерухомості2 594 500 AED
Мінімальна ціна оренди нерухомості27 000 AED
Середня ціна оренди нерухомості107 000 AED
Площа району5600000 м²
Переважні типи нерухомостіVillas, townhouses, apartments


Type of buildings:
Premium, Business
Starting price
AED 411 000
The area of the district
60M sq. ft.
Beautiful view
Prestigious neighborhood

About Al Furjan

Al Furjan is a community in the southern suburbs of Dubai. The young area has a structured modern development and is surrounded by two highways: Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It is dominated by townhouses and villas which are in high demand among pensioners and families with children who prefer a quiet life. This is a popular destination that makes investments in Dubai real estate affordable.

Part of the district was built in 2014, but there is no clear answer as to when Al Furjan was built. This is a long-term project of the developer Nakheel, to actively develop the territory having a total area of 560 hectares. This family holiday complex is in demand due to its developed infrastructure and attractive styles. It has numerous parks, and the territory is rich in green areas., It is planned to put into operation the closed community of Murooj Al Furjan (with over 400 villas) by 2024.

Зовнішня інфраструктура

  • Громадська парковка
  • Платна парковка
  • Парки
  • Пішохідні доріжки
  • Транспортна доступність
  • Фітнес-центри
  • Школа
  • Дитячий садок
  • Метро
  • Мечеть
  • СПА-центр
  • Бари
  • Кінотеатр
  • Аптека


  • Тихий район
  • Ландшафтний дизайн
  • Вілли
  • Елітна нерухомість
  • Безпечний район
  • Підходить для родин с дітьми
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  • Підходить для відпочинку
  • Інвестиційна привабливість

Properties in Al Furjan

People planning to move to permanent residence in the UAE are interested in where to live in Al Furjan. The housing is low-rise, dominated by townhouses and villas. Compact buildings have their own advantage: close ties between neighbors improve the quality of life.

Rental trends in Al Furjan

Long-term rental depends on the area of housing and the number of bedrooms. A 2-bedroom apartment can be rented for AED 80,000 per year. The rent for A 3-bedroom apartment will increase to AED 85,000. The cost of a studio apartment is far lower. You can become the owner of a villa by paying at least AED 110,000. This is the minimum price of a 3-bedroom house. The greater the number of bedrooms, the higher the cost of the annual rent.

Sales trends in Al Furjan

The starting price of a compact studio is AED 300,000. More spacious housing has a different price segment:

  • A 1-bedroom apartment can cost AED 680,000.
  • 2-bedroom apartments raise the price to AED 965,000.
  • A 3-bedroom apartment has an average price of AED 1,340,000.

Villas cost from AED 2 to 4 million. The region is located near the Expo 2020 exhibition. According to experts, as the date of the event approaches, the cost of housing will increase.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Al Furjan

There are no property taxes in the UAE. This allows owners to receive a net profit when renting out properties in Al Furjan.

ROI in Al Furjan

Apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms are the most highly in demand as rentals. The average return on investment reaches 7% per annum. For 2-bedroom apartments, this indicator is reduced to 6%. The return of villas with 5 and 6 bedrooms is reduced to 4.4 and 4.2%, respectively.


Amenities in Al Furjan

Although Al Furjan is under development, its residents have access to service organizations, trade, and medical services. The area has everything needed for a comfortable life. How to get to Al Furjan? By taxi or rental car from the airport in Dubai. The travel time is about 50 minutes. The journey from Al Maktoum Airport is slightly shorter. The airport is only a 30- minute drive away.

The most popular buildings in Al Furjan

The largest residential complexes are Masakin Al Furjan with 300 luxury apartments in Al Furjan, a large park, a playground for children's games and sports, as well as a Quortaj. Its advantage is a good location. It is built in the center, a short distance from the coast.

The best hotels

Choosing a place for temporary residence to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the country, you can consider several top hotels in Al Furjan:

  • The Manor Hotel by JA. It offers free parking and a swimming pool. A fitness center and a spa area are also available. it also offers a bus transfer from the airport.
  • Ecos Dubai Al Furjan Hotel. It is in Discovery Gardens. There are family rooms. Free parking is available for guests. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool.
  • Ibis Fujairah. The hotel provides all amenities for comfort. There is a swimming pool and a fitness club. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque and a large supermarket are within walking distance.

Transportation and parking spaces

Public transport is poorly developed. The focus is on individual cars and bicycles. A separate road with a length of 40 kilometers has been created for cyclists.

In the future, the plan is to expand the metro line. Presently, the nearest stations are Al Furjan, Discovery Gardens, Ibn Battuta, and Jebel Ali. There are about 2,000 houses in the development project, so public transport will also be developed. The routes do not cover the whole district, but this does not prevent connecting with other areas or trips to the center of Dubai.

The owners of the villas have no difficulties with parking, as there is a garage in the community. There is also outdoor parking.

Car rental

Local agencies offer a wide range of cars. You can use a car rental in Al Furjan or order a car with a driver which can be done remotely. To drive a car in the UAE, you need to have:

  • An international driver's license.
  • A bank card supported abroad.

Yacht rental

You can walk around Al Furjan Marina and the surrounding areas. The community has no direct access to the coast. The Walk Promenade in Jumeirah Beach Residence is located less than 10 kilometers away, depending on the community location. The Persian Gulf is open for travel. You can rent a sailboat, a motorboat, a boat, and a yacht charter in Al Furjan,  depending on the capacity of the vessel and the number of people.


Al Furjan Pavillion Community Mall has everything necessary. There is Spinneys Al Furjan ‒ one of the famous supermarkets in Al Furjan, where you can order delivery of goods to your home.

Churches, temples, and mosques in Al Furjan

Most of the country's population is Muslim. There is an Al Furjan West Mosque on the territory of the district. Another mosque, Masjid Abdullah Ali Al-Chaafar, has been built in Discovery Gardens. On the border of the district, in the village of Jebel Ali, is the Orthodox church of St. George. Hindu temples are at Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara -a 15-minute drive away,


The district has the Arbor School with an English curriculum. As the development expands, it is planned to introduce additional educational institutions and schools in Al Furjan. Jebel Ali Kindergarten is open to children under the age of 4. Higher education is available at the University of Balamand in Dubai and the Russian University of Synergy.

Hospitals and clinics

In Al Furjan Pavillion Community Mall, there is a family medical center, which provides service seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. It has therapists, pediatricians, and dentists. The nearest hospital is the NMC Royal Hospital located in the Dubai Investment Park.


There are several malls in Al Furjan, such as the already mentioned Al Furjan Pavillion and the Al Furjan West Pavillion, i.e., the western pavilion. They are on both sides of the community. In addition to shopping centers with a wide range of goods, they offer a sports club, a swimming pool, cafes, and restaurants. The nearby Мammoth Ibn Battuta Mall is home to more than 400 shops and about 50 restaurants, as well as the largest cinema.


The community offers cuisine from all countries of the world. You can try Italian at the Oregano restaurant. The Al Arrab restaurant serves a wide range of local dishes. If you want a diverse menu, you should visit the Discovery Garden restaurant, where you can taste both Arabic and European dishes.

Attractions in Al Furjan

For leisure, there are:

  • Shopping centers with a complex of restaurants in Al Furjan or separately located food outlets.
  • A modern cinema in Jebel Ali Recreational Club.
  • Switch Bowling in Ibn Battuta.

For lovers of outdoor activities, there is a broad range of sports clubs in Al Furjan. You can try rowing at the JA Jebel Ali Hotel. Horse riding and shooting clubs are open for residents. There are numerous outdoor recreation areas throughout the district: landscaped gardens and playgrounds. The Al Furjan Club is open for sports. It offers a swimming pool with 25-meter lengths and a gym equipped with the latest technology.

Discovery Gardens are a 10-minute drive away from the community, and Jumeirah Park is a little further away. Palm Jumeirah Island, the business card of the UAE, is a 20-minute drive away.

Beaches near Al Furjan

The nearest beaches to the community are located at the Dubai Marina. It is roughly a 20-minute drive. The promenade has a developed social infrastructure: a fitness center, many fast-food outlets, and a playground. Al Sufuh Beach is a little further away.

We will select a profitable property for investment

Dubai-Property.Investments offer the most relevant options for property investment in Al Furjan. For those who plan to invest in real estate in Al Furjan, there is an extensive database of real estate for every taste and budget. Start choosing a property right away, without delay – do not miss out on these great deals.

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