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Dubai Marina

Мінімальна ціна нерухомості667 000 AED
Середня ціна нерухомості4 870 000 AED
Мінімальна ціна оренди нерухомості43 000 AED
Середня ціна оренди нерухомості212 000 AED
Площа району4000000 м²
Переважні типи нерухомостіApartments, penthouses


Type of buildings:
Premium, business, residential
Beautiful view
Panoramic view of Dubai from the apartment
Starting price
AED 667 000
Technological building
(IT technologies)
Prestigious neighborhood

About Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an area in the western part of the city of Dubai. The area is considered an elite resort, and real estate prices are inferior only to the Downtown area. Despite the high status, there are several hotels that are quite affordable for the average Russian tourist.

Among the most comfortable places to stay in Dubai, popular among tourists and instagram among bloggers, which everyone knows for its spacious embankments, elite complexes and yachts imposingly sailing through the canals, it is difficult to find something more famous than the Dubai Marina area.

In Marina Dubai area there are a lot of complexes and options for apartments, penthouses, apartments and even villas, and it is very important to rely on the data when choosing a particular object. Since we receive data on all transactions and operations of Dubai on sales, lease, deals, lending on a daily basis, we help to make a choice not only based on aesthetic preferences, but also from investment ones relying on data every time.

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Properties in Dubai Marina

Having an apartment in an elite area of ​​Dubai is not only prestigious, but also convenient. This means living comfortably in an apartment in an elite resort, but at a price slightly lower than in business downtown. Moreover, having bought housing here, you can rent it out to tourists or resell it profitably. Apartments in this area do not lose value as they are close to the beach and attractions such as the Dubai Eye Ferris wheel, a diving center and a man-made bay. The city center and Burj Khalifa can be reached in 15 minutes.

The sale of real estate in Dubai Marina is a leading area in the work of local construction companies and real estate agencies, as the demand for housing is deservedly high here.

It is quite easy for a foreigner to buy housing in Dubai Marina. There are no restrictions in the country and, moreover, a Russian can take out a mortgage from a bank in the country.

The price of real estate in Dubai Marina depends on many factors, including the total area of the apartment, the floor where the apartment is located, and much more.

So, apartments with an area of 50 square meters can be bought here from 190 thousand euros.

An apartment with an area of 111 m2 costs 355 thousand euros.

Rental Trends in Dubai Marina

Looking through the options to rent property in Dubai, one should take into account one very convenient feature for the tenant - if necessary, housing is rented daily. It is possible to conclude a rental agreement for a couple of days, or for a week, for a month or for a longer period.

Do you appreciate home comfort and are you looking for the most comfortable accommodation in Dubai? Then we advise you to pay attention to the apartments. This is an excellent accommodation option for living, where there is absolutely everything for guests’ convenience. Apartments in Dubai are a profitable solution for a family and a group of friends. The cost of living in this type of housing starts at $ 10.

Today the most demanded service in the UAE real estate market is accommodation booking in Dubai. Perhaps someone will be surprised, but just a couple of years ago, renting a good apartment in Dubai was quite difficult. But due to the intensive pace of construction in this large metropolis and the annual increase in tourists, whole residential complexes have appeared in different parts of the city.

Each guest of the city can quickly book a room according to their taste and financial capabilities. Today, almost everyone can rent an apartment in Dubai! A competitive advantage of living here is an individual location in one of the most beautiful places in the city. At the moment, you can reserve a room in any area of the city. Choose what is more comfortable for you!

Today's attractive Dubai property for rent is located in areas such as Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, as well as in the heart of the metropolis.

As for Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, these are the best places in the emirate for those who have plans to find apartments with one, two or even three bedrooms. Statistics from Data Finder show that in January 2019, rental space in Palm Jumeirah could be rented for a year for $ 31 580. To date, in the same area, the rate has dropped to $ 27 770. As for Dubai Marina, here Dubai real estate for rent has become cheaper by 6%, that is, its cost dropped to $ 19 060 per year.

You can name other administrative units of Dubai, where residential real estate in the UAE has fallen in price significantly over the past year. In Barsha Heights, the decline was about 16%, in Motor City, prices fell by 8%, in Jumeirah Village Circle, rates fell by 13%. The average price of local small-sized apartments was $ 26 790. If you take the very center of Dubai, then here the rental price last year was around $ 29 676.

Sales Trends in Dubai Marina

At Dubai Marina, there are over 200 apartment buildings, each with stunning city and harbor views. The community is known as the “high block” in the world and several structures are part of famous skyscrapers of Dubai. Residents can enjoy the thriving communal life in the area. There are several types of properties for sale in Dubai Marina. The location offers a wide variety of luxury apartments, villas, and a small number of townhouses. While there are a limited number of state-of-the-art runway villas to capture the curiosity of investors interested in acquiring a villa, it is focused on apartment living. Studios, 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments are available for sale in Dubai Marina, as well as luxury penthouses with 5 or more bedrooms. These apartments have a large living area, a fully equipped kitchen and a bedroom with a bathroom and maid's balcony among other amenities. One of the essential apartments for sale is located at Damac Height. It offers 1-bedroom units with a price tag of AED 1.9 million. As for the villa, they come in a variety of sizes, ranging from two to six bedrooms. These villas, which are located at the podium level of the tenement buildings, have a large living room, a well-equipped kitchen, a maid's room with a bath, a restroom and a storage room. Other features of these houses include a parking space and a rooftop patio. There are many unique villas here. At Marina Keys Villas, there are spacious 3-bedroom villas for sale with a starting price of just AED 2 100 000 which is quite reasonable.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular areas of New Dubai and ideal place for investments in real estate in Dubai. It is home to all of the world's most sought-after world-class tourist attractions, luxury restaurants and nightclubs, as well as shopping districts.

More than 120 000 people live in the area, which is rightfully considered the largest man-made bay in the world. In addition, guests of the city strive to come here, wishing to enjoy the unsurpassed cityscape, state-of-the-art infrastructure, impressive sea views and a beautiful 7-kilometer reservoir, where you can ride on luxury exclusive pleasure boats.

Dubai Marina has 10 distinct residential areas. It houses over 150 residential skyscrapers, combining serviced hotel-style apartments and mid-range to premium hotels. This is Dubai's largest freehold residential area in terms of number of buildings and population.

In addition, the area is renowned for its best transport accessibility, with two metro stations, a bus and tram network linking to Al Sufouh, and a ferry service to Business Bay via the Dubai Canal.

Dubai Marina is the most developed area in Dubai, therefore there is a limited number of land plots available for construction. The Ciel skyscraper represents one of the latest most significant investment opportunities in the Dubai Marina area.

ROI in Dubai Marina

Today the UAE remains one of the most attractive investment destinations. Foreign investors from Europe, Asia and the United States see great prospects in the development of the residential and commercial real estate market in the United Arab Emirates. Despite the fact that all emirates are developing relatively evenly and steadily, Dubai occupies the first position in the list of leading regions.

One of the most attractive types to buy real estate in Dubai for foreign investors is investment in office buildings and shopping centers. Having carried out a detailed analysis of the market after overcoming the crisis, the United Arab Emirates began to actively develop this sector and its construction. So, a few years ago, many commercial real estate projects were established in construction and left the status of “frozen projects”.

Many foreign and local businesses buy or lease commercial premises in order to conduct business in the country. Commercial real estate in the United Arab Emirates has a fairly high liquidity. In this regard, the investor can receive a return on investment in the amount of 7-9% per annum, and in some cases up to 14% per annum.


Amenities Dubai Marina

Dubai delights its guests with a variety of amazing buildings, and Dubai Marina is a true architectural gem of the city. It is home to the newest and most impressive structures and attractions, where visitors are greeted with graceful luxury, impeccable comfort and landscapes of the beautiful coastline of the emirate.

Dubai Marina is the city's most modern landmark. The dynamic silhouette of skyscrapers and apartment buildings against the blue Dubai sky makes a strong impression, and at night it looks especially impressive thanks to the illumination. Dubai Marina is constantly changing its appearance, as many of its buildings are still under construction. However, there are always places for tourists that are definitely worth a visit. If you walk along Dubai Marina you can see various restaurants in Dubai Marina, malls in Dubai Marina, supermarkets in Dubai Marina.

Best Hotels

Dubai Marina hotels are the best rated hotels and apartments in the most tourist area of Dubai Marina, conveniently located near the Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Beach Residence and the metro station. The best Dubai Marina hotels are in the highest demand among tourists planning their trip to the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, we advise you to book them in advance. There are comfortable apartments on the promenade of Dubai Marina with one, two and three bedrooms and steep panoramic views of the marina and close to yacht charter in Dubai Marina; there is a 5-star aparthotel with cool club rooms with balcony and executive lounge access. Outdoor pool, spa, personal butler, restaurants / bars, there are hotels with low price, family rooms, panoramic views of the city, quality food, free shuttle to the beach and shopping center, parking.

We will select a profitable property for investment

We want to empower people to buy property at an affordable price so they can move from lease to ownership. But at the same time, the conditions must be good. If they rent - they lose money, if they own the house, then when they retire or leave Dubai, they have an asset that they can sell it.

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