Al Barsha

Minimalna cena nieruchomości512 000 AED
Średnia cena nieruchomości4 153 000 AED
Minimalne stawki czynszu nieruchomości34 000 AED
Średnie stawki czynszu nieruchomości118 000 AED
Obszar Wspólnoty38100000 m²
Preferowane rodzaje nieruchomościStudios, apartments, villas


The area of the district is
410M sq. ft.
Type of buildings:
Premium, Business, Elite
Starting price is
512 000 AED
Prestigious neighborhood
Ecological area

About Al Barsha

Property investment in Al Barsha is rapidly developing. Today it is a solid commercial site of popular buildings in Al Barsha, causing particular businesses’ interest in its luxury real estate, service and retail businesses. Start your investment search now!

Al Barsha is settled in the south of New Dubai. The suburb was developed fast as it’s an Arab real estate customary. There used to be unclaimed sandy dunes with rare business involvement in certain residential projects and a lack of communications. Provoked by a business project - Mall of the Emirates, that was opened in 2005, the site has been totally changed. Investment flow led to interest and profit raise. When was Al Barsha built? It began in 2000, the Mall gave it a big splash.

Today Al Barsha is a strongly developed and self-sustaining district, providing supermarkets, metro stations, education and medical care centers. It has significantly grown and became one of the most popular sites with glamorous villas. The district develops a welcoming metropolitan mentality that is similar to the Dubai lifestyle that is an advantage for investments as it is also making home to overseas workers with various backgrounds. Thanks to the good location, by the main roads and subway, it has become demanded by young professionals.

The district develops a welcoming metropolitan mentality that is similar to the Dubai lifestyle that is an advantage for investments as it is also making home to overseas workers with various backgrounds. Thanks to the good location, by the main roads and subway, it has become demanded by young professionals.

Cechy zewnętrzne

  • Parking miejski
  • Płatny
  • Parki
  • Ścieżki spacerowe
  • Dostępność komunikacyjna
  • Dogodny dojazd na wieś
  • Centrum handlowe
  • Szkoła
  • Przedszkola
  • Metro
  • Meczet
  • Kościół
  • Centrum SPA
  • Bary
  • Kino
  • Apteka


  • Cicha okolica
  • Wille
  • Luksusowa nieruchomość
  • Bezpieczny obszar
  • Przyjazne dla rodzin
  • Odpowiednie na wakacje
  • Atrakcyjność inwestycyjna
  • Fontanna

Properties in Al Barsha

Where to live in Al Barsha? its convenient location within the UAE and the perk of reputed schools nearby has already made the area a reasonable option for families to settle. Interested businesses consider various projects here. For instance, Barsha 1 is known as one of perspective places to rent properties, both expensive and affordable villas and flats.

The district is still sparsely populated, giving promising opportunities for businesses. It’s divided in the following sub-districts: Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha 2, Al Barsha 3, Al Barsha South and rather famous Barsha Heights. Many attractive real estate items like apartment blocks, as well as retail objects and restaurants, are located in Al Barsha 1. Other profitable properties – villas - are mostly located in other Al Barsha sectors.

Al Barsha 1 is preferable for flat rent and sale as it mostly consists of apartment blocks as for real estate. Considering this fact, it is way busier than relative sectors. Basically, access to the underground made professionals involved in local businesses, health care and education spheres dwell here.

The villas of Al Barsha 2, Al Barsha 3 and Barsha South make an advantage for those who offer tourists and dwelling family’s real estate with a more suburban lifestyle.

Barsha Heights sector contains high-rise buildings, offering a range of various studio flats. Its strategic advantage, comparing to Al Barsha sub-districts, is its location. Barsha Heights lays closer to the E11 highway. Obviously, it is popular among young professionals and tourists.

There are not just luxury apartments in Al Barsha, but appropriate for various social classes property: convenient studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats. Less popular and less presented are small 3 to 4-bed townhouses in Villa Lantana and Al Barsha 3. The other areas are mainly planned for constructing spacious 3 to 8-bedroom villas. They are more expensive. The site design allows building private swimming pools in the backyard.

Rental Trends in Al Barsha

Mind rental trends planning your investment in Al Barsha properties. One can decide on certain types or units and choose your business strategy. Consideration of the area and its neighborhood, real estate configurations, networks, the raising date and details will give favorable points for the various target audiences. Giving property on rent, be aware that it is preferably being counted and paid off annually. However, some realtors accept monthly payments. Consider this information creating your lease contract.

Approximate prices in AED per year:

  • Studio - 34 000
  • 1 bed flat – 45 000
  • 2 bed flat – 65 000
  • 3 bed flat – 95 000
  • 1 bed villa – 47 000
  • 2 bed villa - 81 000
  • 3 bed villa - 145 000
  • 4 bed villa – 171 000
  • 5 bed villa – 207 000
  • 6 bed villa - 255 000
  • 7 bed villa - 313 000
  • 8 bed villa - 294 000

Studios and 1-bedroom flats are mostly rented by pensioners, couples and singletons looking for cheaper space.

Al Barsha South is considered a popular area for renting due to the availability of supermarkets, clinics, schools and hospitals.

Sales Trends in Al Barsha

The district is open for UAE investors as the area is not freehold. Only United Arab Emirates Nationals can purchase property in Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha 2 and Al Barsha 3. However, there are exceptions: Al Murad Tower in Al Barsha 1 and freehold property in Barsha South.

Here are Average Sale Prices in AED:

  • Studio flat - 512,000
  • 1 bed flat - 798,000
  • 2 bed flat - 1,104,000
  • 3 bed villa - 2,750,000
  • 4 bed villa - 3,749,000
  • 5 bed villa - 8,371,000
  • 5 bed villa - 9,480,000
  • 6 bed villa - 12,246,000
View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Al Barsha

Property investment requires accurate and strategic planning. There are few crucial things to know before purchasing a property.

Hire a trustworthy professional to estimate the building that will:

  • make inquiries about fixing the roof the insurance covering it;
  • inspect the kitchen - the most expensive part of the house to renovate;
  • lookout for cracks and fissures, thus, saving your money;
  • check the kitchen appliances;
  • carefully inspect the bathroom;
  • inspect dripping pipes;
  • know realtors tricks and see things as they are;
  • evaluate the building;
  • mention the surrounding;
  • check the gutters.

ROI in Al Barsha

Average ROI in %:

  • Studio - 6.8
  • 1-Bed apartment - 5.1
  • 2-Bed apartment - 5
  • 3-Bed villa - 3.2
  • 4-Bed villa – 3.5
  • 5-Bed villa – 3.2
  • 6-Bed villa – 2.9
  • 7-Bed villa – 2.6

Amenities Al Barsha

The suburb is surrounded by main roads with parking spaces. There are health care institutions nearby, parks, green zones of recreation scattered across the district. Schools, shops and hotels are at a hand. Public beaches are few kilometers away. If not in the heart, then it’s very close to the city center, depending on the section. There is a yacht charter in Al Barsha available. The prices depend on yacht types and timing. Mainly, it varies from 2 000 to 10 000 AED.

Best Hotels

There are such world-famous five-star hotels as DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Residences Dubai Al Barsha, Hampton by Hilton Dubai Al Barsha, Holiday Inn Dubai - Al Barsha and Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel Dubai. Also one may prefer Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel, Elite Byblos Hotel, Media Rotana, Grand Millennium Dubai, Donatello Hotel, Address Sky View, FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Address Beach Resort or Address Sky View in the suburb.

Among the top hotels in Al Barsha, there is Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel. It’s only 7 km away from Wild Wadi Water Park. The hotel provides modern rooms with contemporary technologies, including Wi-Fi access, custom-made beds and coffee machines. Valet parking and shuttles to the beach are rather featured by it.

Most Popular Buildings In Al Barsha

  • Ski Dubai also known as Mall of the Emirates Skidome construction was finished in 2005. The Ski Dubai is a stadium that is 85m height and popular among tourists and locals;
  • A skyscraper Novotel Barsha built in 2013 has 45 floors and is 182.87 m high;
  • Pullman Dubai Mall of the Emirates built in 2010 has 23 floors and is 93.46 m high;
  • Al Salam Mosque is one of the stunning mosques in the city of Islamic heritage and culture;
  • Al Murad Tower is a high-rise building of 17 floors and 69.08 m;
  • Daoud Abdulrahman Building, built in 2018, a high-rise building, of 17 floors and 69.08 m.

Transportation and Parking Spaces

One can easily use car rental in Al Barsha to get almost anywhere in the country. Parking fares depend on zone and timing. Generally, parking is available almost everywhere.

This is how to get to Al Barsha by public transportation. Take the following buses: 84, 93, F33 or choose M1 in Metro.


The supermarkets in Al Barsha are easy to find.

These are some of popular ones, offering safe delivery:

  • Brought market grocery Al Barsha;
  • The Empress Market;
  • Al Barsha Madina Supermarket;
  • VIVA Supermarket - Al Barsha 1;
  • Gromart Supermarket;
  • Spar supermarket.

There are also many markets and minimarkets in the area.

Churches, temples and mosques in Al Barsha

One of Dubai pearls among Emirati architecture is Al Salam Mosque that is seen from the distance. It has magnificent pink paintwork with gold finishing. Its design was inspired with Ottoman and Andalusian architectural styles. Located behind the Mall of the Emirates, it can accommodate 1500 prayers. Being located in an urban space unlike many of those along the beachside, it gives spectacular contrast to the city high-rise buildings.

There are Emirates Baptist Church, Old Apostolic Church, Mido, A Christian Church in Dubai, Casa De Oracion Torre Fuerte and other churches and temples in Al Bashra. However, obviously, Mosques spread wider.


There are over 15 schools in Al Barsha, conveniently located in the suburb. Among them, considering the reviews, GEMS Al Barsha National School, Gems Founders School Al Barsha, Dubai Heights Academy, Dubai National School, Foremarke Dubai are preferable.

Hospitals and clinics

There are several healthcare institutions in the district: Al Barsha Health Center, American Hospital Al Barsha Clinic, Aster Clinic, IMC Medical Center, Medcare Medical Centre, Angel Wings Medical Center, La Familia Medical Center and others.

Nearby Areas

Dubai Marina, trade, recreation and business area on the shore, is rather a picturesque place. Well-known Jumeira park with Jumeria islands, Topgolf Dubai are located nearby. Jebel Ali Lacecourse is an autodrome to enjoy. There’re Wild Wadi Waterpark, public beaches and The Palm Jumeira few kilometers away.


Al Barsha is rather known for being the home of Mall of the Emirates. The shopping resort contains top brands stores and a world-famous indoor ski hub. Retail business is rather presented nearby, in other malls in Al Barsha: Al Barsha Mall, Galleria Mall Al Barsha, Barsha Mall.


Dubai offers a variety of cuisines: Arabic, Japanese, Lebanese, Greek and what else. In Al Barsha, for instance, one can enjoy Japanese flavors in WAWA dining or traditional grilled fish in Fish Hut that offers a great variety of fish and seafood. Visit Karam Beirut for delicious Arabic food. Feel cozy atmosphere at restaurants in Al Barsha, like at home.

Beaches Near Al Barsha

There are both private and public beaches not far from the district. Sufouh public beach and Black palace public beach are the nearest. Hidden beach, Jumeira beach pavilion and Marina beach are located a bit farther.

We will select a profitable property for investment

Arab real estate gives promising opportunities in dealing with Al Barsha property. UAE policy allows foreign investors to buy and sell certain units. We consult and help to find a profitable property. Decide today and we will guarantee your tomorrow!

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