نخلة جميرا

الحد الأدنى لسعر العقارات778 000 AED
متوسط سعر العقارات13 465 000 AED
الحد الأدنى لمعدلات إيجار العقارات58 000 AED
متوسط معدلات إيجار العقارات323 000 AED
المجتمع المحلي5720000 m²
أنواع العقارات المفضلةApartments, penthouses, villas


Type of buildings:
Premium, Elite
Beautiful view
Panoramic view of Dubai from the apartment
Starting price
AED 778 000
Technological building
(IT technologies)
Prestigious neighborhood

About the Palm Jumeirah

The tree-shaped island with luxury hotels, tall buildings and luxurious restaurants deservedly attracts the attention of investors. From the embankment, you can enjoy a view of the Dubai coastline and the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The first and most compact of all (and there are three) man-made islands that make up the shape of a Palm Tree.

"The eighth wonder of the world", built by human hands and visible even from space.

When the Palm Jumeirah was built, the construction of the Palm Jumeirah started in 2001. The developer – Nakhil-is an Arab construction organization. The name " Nakheel "is translated from Arabic as" palm tree ". The world's first artificial island appeared in the Persian Gulf in 2 years. A few years later, 4,500 hotels, buildings and shopping centers were built on the island. The process was not hindered by two strong earthquakes that occurred near the construction site with a tremor force of about 6 points.The artificial island has affected the coastline of the mainland: the movements of the waves have changed and there is a real danger that it will be eroded, so the creators of the island monitor this process regularly.

At the end of 2006, the territory of the artificial island was prepared for successive transfer for the construction of housing and commercial facilities, as well as for settlement.

The island is built of natural materials-sand and stones, not reinforced concrete structures.

Initially, the coastline in Dubai was 72 km, and after the appearance of the island it grew to 1500 km.

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Properties in Palm Jumeirah

Real estate Rental Trends in Palm Jumeirah

Real estate rental trends in Palm Jumeirah allow investors to be sure that the objects will not be "idle", but will bring good income. People come here for short and long periods, so there is always an opportunity to rent out their housing and make money on it. For example, an apartment with 3 bedrooms and a sea view can be rented for 92,000 US dollars.

Real Estate sales Trends in Palm Jumeirah

Trends in the sale of real estate in Palm Jumeirah indicate that investments in real estate Palm Jumeirah will pay off quickly: it is possible not only to rent, but also to resell the property. The market offers many options, but there are no less buyers. So, you can buy a 1-bedroom apartment for 295,000 US dollars, a 3-bedroom townhouse will cost 6,807,000 US dollars. The price for a 7-bedroom villa on average starts from 12,000,000 US dollars. Local objects are able to bring their owners 5-10 % per year, and the percentages from apartments are usually more than from detached houses.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Palm Jumeirah

The artificial island can be divided into three zones:

  1. The trunk
  2. Crown
  3. Crescent.

The first part – the trunk-is the very center of the Palm Jumeirah. It is connected to the rest of Dubai (mainland) by a 300-meter-long bridge. There are multi-storey buildings with adjacent infrastructure, all kinds of shops, cafes, restaurants, clubs, beaches, beauty salons are open.

Highways stretch along the "trunk", while a monorail runs along the very center.

An underwater tunnel for cars, as well as a bridge for monorail transport to pass through it, is carried out to the "crescent" from the very top of the island.

The "crown" accommodates 16 branches of a palm tree. In the center of each of these branches there are automobile tracks. Two rows of detached houses have been erected along these highways.

Initially, it was supposed to be a much larger distance between these cottages, but in the process of construction, the distance was reduced in order to build as many residential buildings as possible.

The "crescent" is necessary in order to protect the inner part of the island from destruction. The original project assumed its continuity, integrity, but without the natural movement of seawater in an artificially surrounded water area, stagnant phenomena could occur. That is why two gaps were made on the 11-kilometer breakwater.

Hotel residences, hotels, and various entertainment centers are open on the territory of the "crescent".

The total area of the block is 5,600 square meters.


Amenities Palm Jumeirah

The best hotels

On the man-made island it is possible to stay in a hotel, rent a private house or apartment.

For visitors, there are swimming pools, private beach areas, terraces for sunbathing. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TVs, free internet access, bathrooms and showers.

The first hotel built here is the five – star Atlantis Palm, which today serves as a tourist complex. A multi-storey building with beautiful architecture is located in the center of the "crescent". It is considered the hallmark of the Palm Tree. Atlantis Palm was built in 2008. The building symbolizes the sunken Atlantis. The hotel is designed in a marine style, its main decoration is a large indoor aquarium, inside which fish swim. There are many shops and restaurants in the hotel.

The complex offers a variety of entertainment, for example:

  1. Aquaventure Water Park.
  2. Diving center.
  3. Boat trips with sharks.
  4. Museum of the Underwater World.
  5. Dolphinarium.

Public transport

A comfortable way for many is the monorail, which has been operating since April 2009. The road runs along the entire "trunk" of the quarter, to the resort complex "Atlantis Palm", which is located in the center of the"crescent".

Trains run every 15 minutes, start every morning at nine o'clock and finish their work at 21:45.

The train runs back from 09: 15 to 22: 00. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices or at the station vending machines.

At the station "Palm Getway" there is a free car parking for 1500 places. They are used by those who came to the station to become passengers of monorail trains.

From the station of the red line of the Damak Properties metro to the mainland of the megalopolis, it is possible to take the T1 tram along the monorail. You need to get off at the stop "Palm Jumeirah", then go to the station of the monorail "Palm Getway Station". From the other nearest stations of the red line of the metro — "Nakheel" and "Internet City" you can get there by taxi.

You can call a taxi in the city through the mobile applications "Karim" and "Uber".

Renting a car on Palm Jumeirah will cost from $ 1,000 per month – BMW, Cadillac Escalate, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes Benz and others are available for this price. You can also rent a sports car – Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Maserati. The price starts from $ 1000 per day of use. Yacht rental on the Palm Jumeirah will vary from $ 170 to $ 800 per hour, depending on the configuration.

Shopping centers

Nakheel Mall is a four-storey shopping center opened in 2019. It is open daily from 10: 00 to 22: 00. The center offers a huge selection of expensive and inexpensive shops: Brans for Less, Daiso Japan, Mumuso. There are many restaurants and cafes inside. In the evenings, a free bus runs from the Nakhel Mall to the Point area, where the world's largest colored fountains are located. There are two of them: the western and eastern movement of water and light is absolutely synchronous. A fascinating spectacle with musical accompaniment. The fountains of Palm Trees (Palm Fountain) are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fountains in the world. Its area is 1300 sq. m. On the walking area of the Point, street artists perform on weekends, concert performances and various events are held.

In addition, there are a huge number of restaurants of different cuisines of the world on the embankment.

It makes sense to visit souvenir shops, for example, Sand Dollar Dubai Swimwear Boutique and buy cute souvenirs in memory of the trip.

Beaches near Palm Jumeirah

The beaches near Palm Jumeirah are usually private and belong to a residential complex and the entrance there is limited.

One of the beaches with free entrance is the beach of the Shoreline residential complex. The beach is located on the right trunk of the Palm Jumeirah. Here you can enjoy the warm water of the Persian Gulf and the sandy shore. The most comfortable time of the year for a beach holiday is autumn.

In the buildings that surround the beaches, you can buy apartments, thus making investment in real estate Palm Jumeirah - a duplex apartment or a penthouse with a view of the Persian Gulf. This microdistrict has a very well-developed infrastructure, almost every two houses has its own gym and kindergarten.

We will select a profitable property for investment

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