Dubai Land

Kiinteistöjen vähimmäishinta322 000 AED
Kiinteistöjen keskihinta2 910 000 AED
Kiinteistöjen vähimmäisvuokrat22 000 AED
Kiinteistöjen keskimääräiset vuokrat92 000 AED
Yhteisön alue278709 m2
Ensisijaiset kiinteistötyypitApartments, penthouses, villas


Type of buildings:
Premium, business, residential
Starting price
AED 322 000
Technological building
(IT technologies)
Beautiful view
Prestigious neighborhood

About Dubai Land

Dubai Land is a large-scale entertainment complex in Dubai, designed for recreation, shopping, and sports. The project was successfully planned more than 10 years ago and construction is currently in full swing. While the area is open to visitors, the park has not yet been fully opened. According to the project plans, the entirety of Dubai Land will be divided into several zones, each of which is designed for differently-themed forms of entertainment. The main goal of this project is to improve Dubai's tourism reputation and attract travelers to the UAE.

The project consists of large family houses and a collection of low-rise residential buildings that contain only large apartments. The vast community of Dubai Land caters to many possibilities of extraordinary and diverse lifestyles. It offers sports, recreation, education, and entertainment facilities, as well as restaurants and cafes. Golf lovers can visit the Arabian Ranches or Dubai Hills Estate, each of which features a championship golf course at its heart. If residents prefer to live closer to the water, they can access District One or Tilal Al Ghaf which are beautiful artificial lagoons with private beaches. Al Barari offers true tranquility in a private, lush green enclave that focuses on the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. Another important feature is the entertainment complexes dotted around Dubai Land which are popular attractions for individuals and families. In addition, the community also has access to Emirates Road and Umm Suqeim Road.


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Properties in Dubai Land

The uniqueness of Dubai Land is that it is an urban cluster with carefully planned infrastructure, and 25 real estate projects at various stages of development, including multi-story buildings, villas (The Villa, Al Barari), and townhouses.

On an area of more than 278 sq. m in total, 45 main and 200 additional projects are planned to be built. The developers have planned for this project will be twice as large as the world-famous Disneyland.

During the development phase, Dubai Land surpassed the $ 20,900,000,000 investment expected for the entire project, and instead raised approximately $ 55,000,000,000 from the private sector in the first phase of construction.

Rental Trends in Dubai Land

Dubai Land is one of Dubai's most successful property projects. Each Dubai Land property presents unique characteristics in terms of size, design, and facilities - from theme parks, shopping malls, and ecotourism projects to residential communities. Besides being a tourist attraction, it is popular with residents and investors due to the affordable rental and wide range of properties available compared to other parts of the city. Spanning from affordable to luxury units, each residence comes with amenities that are suitable for a family-friendly environment.

Individuals, couples, and expats can find studios and 1-bedroom apartments with covered areas from 400 sq. feet up to 850 sq. feet respectively. Other options include 2- and 3-bedroom luxury apartments, as well as villas and townhouses in various sizes from 1600 to 9000 sq. feet. Alternatively, one can choose between a selection of furnished and unfurnished units, villas at monthly rentals, and affordable smaller villas. Dubai Land also offers a range of luxury homes featuring contemporary architecture that complements the superb interiors found mostly, for instance,  in Al Barari.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Dubai Land

There are many reasons to invest in Dubai Land:

  • Affordable Prices - Property prices in Dubai Land are comparatively more affordable than surrounding areas such as Downtown Dubai.
  • Strategic Location - Those who live in Dubai land have easy access to other parts of Dubai, including commercial areas such as Jumeirah. It is also located close to the city so residents have direct access to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. In addition, Dubai International Airport is only about 30 minutes from Dubai Land and the long-awaited EXPO 2020 Square can be reached within 15 minutes. It is also important to note that the best services and conveniences are all found within the community. This includes retail shopping, education, entertainment, restaurants, cafes, and a golf course.
  • Family-Friendly Communities - Properties and a variety of amenities are perfectly designed to cater to families while benefiting from the natural surroundings. Residents can simultaneously experience an exciting atmosphere and with a tranquil environment. In addition, there are many schools and kindergartens within the community.

ROI in Dubai Land

Villas in Dubai Land provide an average return on investment of 5.7%.

Real estate transactions in Dubai Land in 2019 are up by 33% compared to the same period last year. Combined with new initiatives and convenient payment plans, an increasing number of citizens are looking into Dubai Land as a long-term residence option.


Amenities in Dubai Land

Dubai Land is visualized as a gated community that also transforms into a residential, commercial, and entertainment complex. While there may not be much public transport, unlike the inner party-focused city, Dubai Land offers modern lifestyles and conveniences. Thus, residents do not need to go anywhere else. 

Dubai Land is not just an amusement park that is unmatched in the rest of Dubai, it is also a fully-fledged and multifunctional project that will occupy a huge area; construction plans outline approximately 26 different projects and locations to be implemented. Among them, children’s amusement parks, trading floors, and office skyscrapers are planned.

Dubai Land will be divided into 7 thematic zones:

  • Downtown - city center
  • Sports and Outdoor World - a playground for sports and outdoor activities
  • Eco-Tourism World - eco-tourism site
  • Themed Leisure and Vacation World - entertainment area
  • Retail and Entertainment World - shopping centers
  • Attractions and Experience World - a playground with attractions

The last site is quite interesting - miniature replicas of the most famous global attractions will be located in the area. According to the project, it will house the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Amazon jungle, and many others. In other words, by visiting Dubai Land, you will be able to simultaneously experience other global cultures and well-known capitals.

Transportation and Parking Spaces

You can travel from Dubai to Dubai Land via the E44, E11, and D63 roads. A rental car or a local taxi service such as Uber can easily cover this distance. Tourists also often come to Dubai Land on sightseeing buses and many hotels provide all this necessary travel information.


Many Dubai Land properties have neighborhood zones with shops, cafes, and restaurants. They range in size from the humble Mudon community center to large shopping malls within the city of Arabia or the Falcon City of Miracles. There are convenience stores not too far away - either local minimarkets or larger supermarkets. The farm at Al Barari offers a wonderful dining experience in a pleasant environment. There are also several retail shops and restaurants to choose from along the main Al Qudra Road, such as Arabian Ranches and The Community Mall Village. Nearby, the Equestrian & Polo Club offers formal dining through its steak and seafood restaurant, while also offering a more casual eatery setting. The clubhouses a modern cocktail bar, cigar lounge, and a relaxed outdoor area around the Splash Pool Bar.


There are several schools and kindergartens in Arabian Ranches and other places nearby.

Nearby Areas

Dubai Land is located in the northwest United Arab Emirates, 20 kilometers from Dubai. Miracle Garden, a large and famous botanical garden within walking distance from this area is also a popular tourist attraction. There are also many coffee shops, eateries, and restaurants near Dubai Land to visit after your tour. The famous Legoland amusement park is an hour and a half drive from Dubai Land.


City of Arabia is the main shopping and residential center of Dubai. It includes a residential area, an entertainment center, and the large Mall of Arabia. A monorail will be the main mode of transport in the new area.

Beaches near Dubai Land

There is no beach in Dubai Land but beach-loving residents can visit the famous Jumeirah Beach in the immediate vicinity. It offers a variety of activities for adults and children to enjoy. There are walking and bike paths, playgrounds, and outdoor gym equipment. It is just a 30-minute drive from iconic attractions like Palm Jumeirah. It offers a beachside lifestyle with the best restaurants.

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