Port de La Mer

Kiinteistöjen vähimmäishinta1 271 000 AED
Kiinteistöjen keskihinta7 635 500 AED
Kiinteistöjen vähimmäisvuokrat100 000 AED
Yhteisön alue557418 m2
Ensisijaiset kiinteistötyypitApartments, villas


Starting price is
AED 1,27M
Type of buildings:
Premium, Elite
Beautiful view
Prestigious neighborhood
190 berths at the marina

About Port de La Mer

Port de La Mer is an off-plan residential community of buildings from 3 to 6 floors near the marina. The new quarter is one of the projects of a large Dubai company, Meraas. It is located on the small La Mer Peninsula and is part of the large Jumeirah coastal area in Dubai.

The local yacht port has 190 seats. Around it, there will be a long promenade with a variety of fashionable shops, cafes, and restaurants.

A central podium and several bridges will connect residential neighborhoods, forming a single community. Due to this unique feature, people will recognize this place as soon as it is put into operation, and will not wonder how to get to Port de La Mer.


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Properties in Port de La Mer

The medium-story buildings of the complex will have apartments with 1-5 bedrooms, five-star hotel rooms, retail outlets, and cafes with restaurants in Port de La Mer. The new community will also include spacious three-story townhouses.

Beautiful embankment streets with entertainment venues and retail outlets are perfect for walking and a pleasant shopping experience.

Excellent infrastructure, with gyms, swimming pools, covered parking, and other amenities, will make your life here as comfortable as possible.

On the peninsula, there is a large Laguna water park with a variety of water slides and attractions for children, as well as a wave pool where you can surf.

A few years ago, people wondered when Port de La Mer was built, but now, this community is finally developing.

Residential complexes in Port de La Mer

Several residential complexes will be located in the new community:

  • La Voile Apartments — 1 to 5-bedroom apartments with panoramic windows, swimming pool, and other amenities. Completion of construction is scheduled for mid-2022.
  • Sur La Mer — a complex of three-story townhouses with a roof terrace and a traditional Italian design.
  • La Rive Residences — 1- to 5-bedroom apartments with spacious balconies, and panoramic windows overlooking the city in a medium-sized building with excellent infrastructure;
  • La Cote — 1- to 4-bedroom apartments in a Mediterranean style with balconies and terraces.

That is why locals do not have to ask the question, “Where to live in Port de La Mer?”

Sales trends in Port de La Mer

The community offers private apartments with the full range of services of five-star top hotels in Port de La Mer. The cost of the properties here will start from AED 1,271,000, with an average price of AED 7,635,500.

The new community is one of the areas with freehold properties. This Freehold Zone is where foreign citizens can own residential or commercial real estate without any restrictions. This means that you can use the property you have purchased for both personal and investment purposes (leasing, resale, donation, or inheritance). For comparison, other areas of the emirates that are not included in Freehold Zones belong to the Leasehold category, where a foreign citizen can rent a property for 99 years.

The Freehold Zone began being built in 2002 after a special permit from the UAE government, which boosted the demand for investment real estate in Dubai. Many overseas businessmen and investors have come to the country, and today, luxury apartments in Port de La Mer, as well as villas and townhouses in the UAE are reliable tools for investment.

Rental trends in Port de La Mer

The coastal and island areas of Dubai are considered one of the most popular with tourists.

Vacationers can visit the popular La Mer beach area, which runs along the coast of the Persian Gulf, between the islands of Pearl Jumeirah Island and Jumeirah Bay. There are about 130 different entertainment venues, retail outlets, world-famous restaurants, and cafes. For younger guests, there is an unusual Japanese attraction, Hawa Hawa, which is an inflatable dune where children can run and play in complete safety. The beach is serviced here, the entrance to the sea is gentle, and the water is crystal clear.

Short-term rental properties in Port de La Mer are extremely popular on the peninsula. The minimum cost of annual rent in the new community is about AED 100,000 per year.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Port de La Mer

Today, some residential complexes of the yachting community are still under construction. Nevertheless, buyers can conclude a contract with the developer, acquiring ownership of the property.

Securing a deal before the building is put into operation allows you to purchase housing at a maximum discount and take advantage of the opportunity to pay in installments. As a rule, if the property is under construction, the first installment is 10% of the total amount, and the remainder is paid over the next few years (from 1 to 3 years).

Buying a house for AED 750,000 or more, you can obtain a 3-year resident visa and then extend it.

You should keep in mind that when buying off-plan real estate, you can apply for a visa only after the housing is put into operation.

For investors who do not live in the UAE permanently, there are management companies that will help them rent an apartment or a house for property investment in Port de La Mer.

ROI in Port de La Mer

Due to its convenient location, the area is a popular place to live with locals and tourists. It is located near popular beaches, the city port, large industrial districts, and the city center.

Investments in real estate Port de La Mer can bring a good income. Renting out a property here usually earns 7-8% of the annual profit.


Amenities in Port de La Mer

Residents of the new residential community have access to well-maintained public beaches and places to relax on the peninsula. You can travel here, not only by car but also by sea transport.

There will be an excellent infrastructure in the new community:

  • Berth for yachts with a promenade and a yacht charter in Port de La Mer
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Infinity swimming pools with recreational areas
  • Access to a well-maintained private beach
  • Green landscaped areas around the houses
  • Parks and squares for recreation and entertainment
  • Gym with exercise equipment
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Children's pool
  • Indoor car parking
  • Bike paths
  • Outdoor areas with exercise equipment
  • Barbecue areas

Transportation and parking spaces

The peninsula has good transport accessibility and quick access to the large Sheikh Zayed Road leading to the main urban areas.

  • The nearest Palm Strip Center bus stop is about a 7-minute walk away.
  • The World Trade Centre Metro Station is located 5.6 kilometers away.
  • Dubai International Airport is a 20-minute drive away.

Taxi and car rental services in Port de la Mer are also available here.


There will be small retail outlets, grocery stores, and malls in Port de La Mer.

With quick access (from 7 to 16 minutes by car), there are large shopping centers, shops, and supermarkets in Port de La Mer:

  • The Village Mall
  • Grandiose Supermarket
  • New West Zone Supermarket
  • Carrefour Market Store
  • Shop with Asian goods QKO 14
  • Union Coop Hypermarket
  • Huge Dubai Mall
  • City Walk shopping and entertainment space with branded stores, and leisure and entertainment venues.


In the coastal area of Jumeirah, not far from the peninsula, there are interesting entertainment venues with excellent food for every taste and high-quality service.

  • In the Salt Café, you can order burgers, French fries, and other delicious and hearty dishes.
  • The famous Starbucks chain cafe is located nearby.
  • Restobar Legends has good music programs and delicious food.
  • OSH Restaurant offers Uzbek cuisine, with tables on the outdoor terrace.
  • AlShorfa Restaurant and Cafe, where you can enjoy lunch or dinner without moving far from the beach.
  • Maroosh Lebanese cuisine restaurant, with a large grill menu and fast service.
  • You can taste fish and seafood dishes in the establishments of Flooka Dubai and BuTafish.
  • Capanna Nuova and Broccoli Pizza & Pasta offer an Italian menu.

Churches, temples and mosques in Port de La Mer

The famous Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is 4 kilometers from the new community. Representatives of any religion can visit this place six days a week. Here you can admire the exquisite architecture of the building, constructed of snow-white stone in the medieval style.

At a distance of 3 kilometers from the community, there is a beautiful Iranian masjid mosque with luxurious interior decoration and architecture in a classical Arabic style.


There are no educational institutions on the peninsula, but thanks to convenient access to the nearest mainland neighborhoods, locals can consider educational options for children in the following kindergartens and schools in Port de La Mer (travel time by car from 10 to 27 minutes):

  • New Dubai Nurser
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School;
  • GEMS Winchester School
  • Hummingbird Pre-School
  • Little Land Nursery & Montessori Centre
  • Emirates International School

Hospitals and clinics

Locals can quickly reach these medical institutions:

  • The Royal Doctors Polyclinic is 2.6 kilometers away
  • The Iranian hospital is 4 kilometers away
  • Emirates Hospital is 6 kilometers away
  • Aster Hospital is 7 kilometers away
  • The Medcare clinic is 9 kilometers away

Nearby areas

The new residential community belongs to the large coastal area of Jumeirah, which is popular for its long beaches and developed infrastructure for marine recreation. There are several shopping centers, water parks, and rental points for water sports and entertainment.

Dubai's Downtown Central Business and Cultural district can be reached in just 19 minutes by car. Here you can see the famous fountain with music and lighting, located on a large artificial lake, relax in beautiful green parks, and visit the largest shopping center, the 163-story Burj Khalifa skyscraper, and other popular buildings in Port de La Mer.

It will take a similar time to reach Business Bay and large business sites and complexes, located along the Dubai Water Canal.

Beaches near Port de La Mer

This off-plan district will be equipped with private beaches with good infrastructure. Bristol Beach is a few minutes from the new buildings. At the base of the peninsula, there is La Mer beach, which has a rental point for wakeboards, jet skis, kayaks, and other equipment for outdoor activities and entertainment at sea. Laguna Water Park, with slides and swimming pools for adults and children, is also located on the coastline.

If you are fond of kayaking and kitesurfing, it is worth visiting Kite Beach which has the best conditions for these sports. The journey to the beach will take about 20 minutes.

We will select a profitable property for investment

This new area on one of the Jumeirah peninsulas is an ideal place to relax and live on the seashore. It will appeal to lovers of yachting, sea regattas, and a variety of water activities.

Due to the proximity of large shops, business venues, and attractions in Dubai, the area is sought-after, and housing here will always remain highly liquid.

Check with our specialists right away to find out all the details about the property for sale. You will learn the figures for return on investment, up-to-date rental prices, possible payment options, discounts, and much more.

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