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Jumeirah Lake Towers

Мінімальна ціна нерухомості368 000 AED
Середня ціна нерухомості4 932 000 AED
Мінімальна ціна оренди нерухомості34 000 AED
Середня ціна оренди нерухомості122 000 AED
Площа району1800000 м²
Переважні типи нерухомостіApartments, offices


Type of buildings:
Premium, business, residential
Beautiful view
Panoramic view of Dubai from the apartment
Starting price
AED 368 000
Technological building
(IT technologies)
Prestigious neighborhood

About Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers is a Dubai area that is completely different from the tourist area of the ​​Dubai Marina or the beachfront Jumeirah Beach Residence. But it is here that businessmen from all over the world flock to solve major business issues and establish new connections. Interestingly, tourists also do not bypass the area, since the number of skyscrapers, mirrored facades, and generally futuristic appearance attracts attention. The area has become an excellent location for photo shoots. You will not only see a duet of gray and metallic buildings here but there is also plenty of lush greenery. One just has to take note of the numerous park trees, recreation areas, and squares. All this splendor is reflected in the blue of the artificial lake’s surface on the shores of which the business sector of Jumeirah Lake Towers is located.

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Changes in the Real Estate Market: Jumeirah Lake Tower

Since, as mentioned above, the area attracts owners of large business projects, the demand for real estate here is always high. The opportunity to house a corporate office in such a prestigious location means showing its value to customers and competitors. The area is completely developed, so only rare offers for the sale of fully equipped apartments appear on the websites of agencies. These are apartments placed on the secondary housing market by the previous owners. Demand dramatically exceeds offer, so every apartment is hunted after.

Trends for Real Estate Sales in Jumeirah Lake Towers

Real estate in the area is represented by properties built by Nakheel, a trusted and reliable developer. The total development area is more than 730 square kilometers.

The JLT business center is considered one of the most prestigious in the emirate. It is here that the offices of the world's top corporations, exchange aggregators, electronic and offline commerce platforms, and everything else related to business networks are located, all near each other.

Trends for Real Estate Rental in Jumeirah Lake Towers

Like residential property sales, rental trends in Jumeirah Lake Towers also show a consistently high demand due to the area's high popularity among the big players in the business arena.

There are several reasons for choosing this area for temporary residence:

  • Proximity to the airport. It will take you just 30 minutes to get to any air hub, be it the main Dubai International Airport or Al Maktoum.
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers is included in the free zone. Previously, foreigners were prohibited from owning real estate in Dubai. However later the situation changed, and free economic ownership zones began to appear. JLT belongs to this category.
  • Proximity to the beach but away from tourists. Indeed: JLT is not such a tourist mecca as, for example, Dubai Marina. There is no excessive abundance of curious tourists here, and at the same time, the residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers can easily access the beach or one of the coastal promenades to enjoy a pleasant time and relax. So, you can drive to the embankment in just 5 minutes or have a half-an-hour walk to the nearest beach at a leisurely pace.
  • Amazing views. Here, it is worth mentioning both the urban panoramas of the area and the bird's-eye views from the skyscrapers’ windows. Indeed, no one could refuse to rise above the city hustle and bustle, once in the office on the 45th floor!
View from the window

Valuable Insights for Real Estate Investors in Jumeirah Lake Towers

If we consider the weather in Dubai, it becomes clear that in summer Jumeirah Lake Towers is mainly visited by vacationers. In winter, people who don’t like the heat, but wish to come to the UAE on business arrive.

Those who want to enjoy the majestic views also rent property in this area. Sunsets here are amazing because the abundance of mirrored facades creates the feeling that everything around is flooded with the setting sun, and the sun’s reflection collides with the lake’s surface. It is better to see it once than read about it a thousand times.

Return on Investment in Jumeirah Lake Towers

The profitability of property here is because this area, although not number one in popularity, is still one of the most popular. Tourists and businessmen choose JLT for temporary residence throughout the year, so the demand for property rental services is always quite high.

Purchasing an investment property in Jumeirah Lake Towers is the best option for anyone if they wish to receive recurring income. The area will always be popular among travelers and business people, which means the property will bring you income regardless of external factors. Even if something goes wrong or you need to urgently withdraw your funds, you can do it quickly. You won't have to look for a buyer for long or reduce the price, since the area is always sought-after.


Jumeirah Lake Towers Review

Jumeirah Lake Towers is an area adjacent to the Dubai Marina. These two iconic areas are separated by the famous Sheikh Zayed Highway. If you are driving a vehicle, just take exit 5 or 6 off this highway. You can use car rental services in Jumeirah Lake Towers, as the UAE and international car rental companies deliver cars directly here.

Public Transport in Jumeirah Lake Towers

If you don’t want to travel by car, it is not necessary, as ​​several buses run to the area, and there are also metro stations, the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Station and the Damac Properties Station.

In the neighboring Dubai Marina, there is also a railway station connecting this part of the city with other districts, as well as with the airport.

The most convenient way to reach JLT from the Dubai International Airport is by metro. To do this, you need to travel to the red branch. Take your train at Terminal 3 and climb off at the Damac Properties Station. The journey will take you only about 40 minutes.

From another UAE airport, Al Maktoum, you can travel to the community with a transfer. First, you need to take bus F55, which will take you to the Ibn Battuta metro station. The travel time will be approximately 35 minutes. From there it takes only 5 minutes to reach Jumeirah Lake Towers Station.

Attractions in Jumeirah Lake Towers

As the name suggests, the residential and business district of JLT has a lake, and not just one. There is a whole trio of reservoirs, two of which have names. The eastern lake is Almas East Lake and the western one is Almas West Lake. Initially, another reservoir was created on the territory of the community, but later something more grandiose was organized instead, a lush green park!

The lakes are the center of the entire urban composition and are great places to relax. Surrounded by trees, residents and guests of the emirate stroll, relax in cafes and play outdoor games with children. The water surface reflects the skyscrapers, and everything is reminiscent of luxury and a high level of comfort. The best hotels in Jumeirah Lake Towers are located inside these skyscrapers, along with numerous stores and entertainment centers for adults and children.

The total number of high-rise buildings in the district is 79. The skyscrapers are organized in groups and form micro-districts, the total number of which is 23.

Obviously, in Jumeirah Lake Towers there are no problems with public and private transport and accessibility to other areas of the emirate.

Shopping Centers in Jumeirah Lake Towers

The malls in Jumeirah Lake Towers are the centers of attraction, inside which active entertainment and commercial activity is in full swing. There are two large malls:

  • The Dubai Marina Mall is a shopping complex built in accordance with modern standards of comfort. It houses not just fashion boutiques and shops with all the necessary goods, but also an entertainment center, a cinema, a bowling alley, and restaurants for every taste and budget. Entertainment is also provided for children. Kids can ride a train or frolic on the playground.
  • The Ibn Battuta Mall is a unique shopping complex where themed halls are presented reflecting different countries. There are Chinese, Indian, Tunisian, Spanish, Iranian, Egyptian, and Persian halls and each of them looks like a real museum. That is why the shopping complex is visited not only for shopping but also to satisfy aesthetic interests. Among the unusual exhibits here is the figure of an Indian elephant, a boat, and a Persian-style mosaic panel.

Supermarkets in Jumeirah Lake Towers

In the area, there are many hypermarkets and stores with goods for everyday needs, as well as dedicated grocery stores and markets. For example, Blue Planet Green People, which is located near Almas West Lake, is in demand not only among visitors but also among residents.

Restaurants in Jumeirah Lake Towers

Walking to the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence promenades is not difficult. Here you will find a great variety of cafes and restaurants for every taste. However, there is no real need for this, since there are plenty of catering establishments inside the JLT area. Along the lake shores and inside business districts, absolutely everywhere, there are places where you can have a bite to eat quickly or, on the contrary, take your time with your meal. There are even very inexpensive Subway sandwich bars here, but there are also many gourmet restaurants with European, Arabic, Indian, and Asian cuisines greeting guests with fragrant and tasty dishes.

There is also a special point of attraction for all gastro tourists in the area, the Russian-cuisine restaurant, Skazka Al Saha, where you can eat pancakes for breakfast or enjoy the native taste of Russian meat jelly, patty cakes, mashed potatoes, or dumplings for lunch.

We’ll Assist You in Purchasing a Property in Jumeirah Lake Towers

Do you want to invest in real estate in Dubai but have some doubts about choosing the right area? Please feel free to contact our experts. We will assist you in all matters and answer all your questions. We are engaged in the professional selection and sale of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. We also provide paperwork services, arrange purchase-and-sale support and later help with the search for tenants for your property. Purchasing an apartment in Dubai with us is your guarantee of a clean deal.

Make your life even more beautiful - start choosing a property in the Emirates now!

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