Business Bay

Preço mínimo das propriedades480 000 AED
Preço médio das propriedades7 142 000 AED
Preço mínimo das rendas das propriedades42 000 AED
Preço médio das rendas das propriedades387 000 AED
Área da comunidade5900000 m²
Tipos de propriedades favoritosApartments


Starting price is
AED 480000
Type of buildings:
Residential, premium, business
Beautiful view
Panoramic view of Dubai from the apartment
Prestigious neighborhood
Technological building
(IT technologies)

About Business Bay

Business Bay is one of the most developed and sought-after areas of Dubai. The very name of the community speaks of its main purpose: the business sphere plays a key role here. However, investments in Dubai real estate for permanent residence or rental are also in high demand. The community harmoniously combines both commercial and residential real estate.

The area is near the central part of the city, next to the Dubai Canal. The construction was based on the commercial purpose of the area, and today it is compared with Manhattan in New York. The office space here meets the most demanding requirements for equipment and convenience. Many international companies, therefore, choose this region of the UAE.

The area of the district is about 6 square kilometers. Commercial, residential, and multifunctional complexes occupy approximately an equal territory in a percentage ratio. More attention is paid to mixed-use.

The community is young when comparing the start date of construction in the old regions of Dubai. For those who are interested in when Business Bay was built, it is said that the start date of construction was 2003. Therefore, properties in Business Bay belong to the elite category. There are a lot of skyscrapers, and the real estate corresponds to a modern style and meets all comfort needs. The community is:

  • A place with tall skyscrapers.
  • The center of active life.
  • A region with a well-developed infrastructure including both the social and business spheres.
  • The area containing JW Marriott Marquis - the tallest hotel in the world.

The largest attractions are within walking distance.

Características exteriores

  • Estacionamento público
  • Estacionamento pago
  • Parques
  • Passeios pedestres
  • Acessibilidade a transportes
  • Ginásios
  • Centro comercial
  • Escola
  • Jardins Infantis
  • Metro
  • Igreja
  • Cais
  • SPA
  • Bares
  • Cinema
  • Farmácia


  • Perto do aeroporto
  • Perto de barragem
  • Perto do mar
  • Perto do centro da cidade
  • VIP
  • Novos complexos
  • Imóveis de luxo
  • Área segura
  • Escritórios
  • Localizado no centro da cidade
  • Arranha-céus
  • Distrito moderno
  • Apropriado para férias
  • Atrativo para investimento
  • Miradouro
  • Área turística
  • Apropriado para trabalho
  • Tecnologias inovadoras

Properties in Business Bay

There are many luxury apartments in Business Bay in multi-story complexes. These are properties with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. There are also luxury penthouses. Marasi floating villas are an innovative complex of the region. They have no analogs in the world. At first glance, it may seem that the houses are floating freely, but they are securely anchored along the Dubai Canal. The advantages of this residential complex are obvious: unique access to the water, the use of your yacht, and the unique experience of living on the water.

Housing offers are also interesting in private residences such as Omniyat, Millennium Binghatti Residences, and Paramount Towers. Each building is well-thought-out enabling it to become elite housing with high investment potential.

Rental trends in Business Bay

There are no difficulties with choosing where to live in Business Bay. The rental of real estate is calculated based on the annual value. Below is the average data. The final price depends not only on the area but also on the degree of comfort. You can rent housing in the community for:

  • AED 45,000-50,000 (a studio).
  • AED 60,000 or more (a 1-bedroom flat).
  • About AED 80,000‒90,000 (2-bedroom apartments).
  • AED 120,000 or more (3-bedroom apartments).

5-bedroom apartments hold the highest price. These are expensive penthouses. The price can reach AED 1,200,000 or more. At the same time, the price of flats with 6 bedrooms is lower and does not reach AED 1,000,000.

The cost of renting commercial real estate is related to the size and prestige of the location. It starts from AED 1,500 and can reach up to several million.

Sales trends in Business Bay

A studio can be sold for AED 500,000. A 1-bedroom flat costs about AED 1,000,000. You will have to pay at least AED 1,500,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment. As the area increases, so do the prices:

  • 3-bedroom apartments will cost an average of AED 2,000,000.
  • A 4-bedroom apartment will cost AED 3,000,000.

5-bedroom villas are the most expensive. Here the price can reach several tens of millions of dirhams. Prices for luxury penthouses are significant, the cost of which can reach AED 70,000,000. The offer of these properties is limited, as owners are in no hurry to part with profitable property investments in Business Bay.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Business Bay

There is no tax on property or its disposal in the state. This allows you to save money and receive a net profit when renting out housing. Your property can be managed from the emirate or remotely.

ROI in Business Bay

Investing is consistently profitable and does not depend on the situation in the real estate market or global crises. The economy of the United Arab Emirates remains stable, and housing in the region is in constant demand. The return on investment when renting out a flat for a year can be indicated in the following percentage ratio:

  • the profitability of a studio is up to 6%.
  • the ROI of 1-bedroom flats is 5.8%.
  • the return on investment for 2-bedroom apartments is 5.1%.

The larger the number of rooms the apartment has, the lower the income index for the total cost of housing. For 5-bedroom apartments, the index drops to 3.9%. At the same time, the liquidity of any property is high enough not to have to worry about the return on investment.


Amenities in Business Bay

The community has everything necessary. There are a lot of top hotels in Business Bay and residential complexes where you can buy or rent housing. The shops offer a wide range of products, entertainment, sports complexes, swimming pools, restaurants, and cafes.

The best hotels

As the area is attractive for business, it is self-evident that there are many premium hotels on the territory. These are the best high-rating hotels:

  • Steigenberger is a multi-story 5-star complex with comfortable rooms, a nightclub, and many restaurants.
  • The Radisson Blu Waterfront provides not only living accommodations but also 11 conference halls.
  • The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai ranked first in height until 2018 and is one of the best restaurants in the country.

The most popular buildings in Business Bay

The largest residential complexes in the sub-community are towers such as Executive Towers, Damac Towers, Merano Tower, Capital Bay Tower, and Ontario Tower. These are the most popular buildings in Business Bay.

Transportation and parking spaces

Since the community plan was created during the period of active development of the UAE, comfortable transportation around the area was important. The public transport in Business Bay is the metro and buses. The Business Bay metro station is in the community. The stations of Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall, the Financial Center, and Emirates Towers are nearby. A regular bus connection is also well-developed. A taxi can take you anywhere in the city.

Are you interested in the question of how to get to Business Bay? It is only 18 kilometers away from the Dubai International Airport. It is a 15 -20 minute drive, depending on traffic congestion. The train and bus stations are 8 kilometers away.

The internal roads of the region are spacious enough to cope with the intense flow without compromising parking spaces. If the residential complex is not equipped with parking bays or does not justify the demand for them, there are private parking bays in the area. There is no cost for this service.

Car rental

You can temporarily use car rental in Business Bay and other emirates of the country. Many companies offer insured rental cars of various classes: economy, business, or off-road vehicles. The rental price depends on the vehicle category and the number of seats.

Yacht rental

To view the community from the Dubai Canal or see other attractions of the city, you can use a yacht charter in Business Bay. This is a popular service in the UAE for high-quality relaxation. The nearest large marina is located near the Dubai Marina Mall. To cross the canal without renting a yacht, there are ferries at the sea transport stations.


There are many supermarkets in Business Bay, including:

  • Al Maya;
  • West Zone Fresh;
  • Al Maya Burj Downtown;
  • Spinneys Bay Avenue.

Most stores are open from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. West Zone Fresh trades around the clock.


The Bay Avenue Mall is one of the most popular malls in Business Bay. It is located on Bay Avenue. There are not only over 60 shops in this shopping center but also restaurants, a spa, a kindergarten, a medical center, and beauty salons. The Dubai Mall is also famous, being one of the leisure centers in the UAE.

Churches, temples, and mosques in Business Bay

There are no religious institutions in the community, as the focus is on the business sector. Temples and mosques are in the neighboring areas 15-20 minutes’ drive away. These are the mosques of Jumeirah, Al Ghafoor, and Burj Khalifa. The St. Mary's Catholic Church is in Udmet, while the Hindu temples of Shiva and Krishna are a 25-minute drive away.


For pre-school education, there are kindergartens: Hummingbird Nursery, Maple Bear Kindergarten, Blossom Kindergarten, and Canadian Kindergarten. In the latter, training is based on the Canadian curriculum.

Education is available in several schools in Business Bay: the Jumeirah English Speaking School and the Safa British School. They follow the English curriculum. The American curriculum is taught at the Dubai International School Al Quoz. The education lasts 12 years. For a13 year education, children can study at the private Indian School Gems Wellington Primary School.

Hospitals and clinics

Emirates Hospital Clinic General Practice is open from 9 am to 9 pm. There is also a branch of the popular Aster clinic network. You can undergo tests and receive advice from profile specialists at Medcare Hospital. This is in a neighboring area 15 minutes away.


The region serves various dishes from all over the world. These restaurants in Business Bay have positive feedback from visitors:

  • Tong Thai specializes in authentic Thai cuisine. Here you can taste lobsters, shrimp, and other seafood.
  • Izakaya cooks Japanese dishes. The restaurant offers sashimi, rolls, sushi, and other traditional cuisines.
  • Kitchen 6. In addition to European and Italian, the restaurant offers Middle Eastern, Swedish, Arabic, and Indian cuisine.

The fast-food chain is also well-developed.


These are some of the major attractions:

  • Singing fountains.
  • Dolphinarium and water park.
  • Aquarium in the Dubai Mall.
  • The Burj Khalifa Tower.

There are numerous parks in the area for walking and outdoor activities. Pet owners can walk their dogs in Burj Park, located in the central part of the city.

Beaches near Business Bay

There is no access to the Persian Gulf in the area. However, Jumeirah Beach, one of Dubai's largest beaches, is only a 15-minute drive away. It is fully equipped for a comfortable stay.

We will select a profitable property for investment

Dubai-Property.Investments cooperate with local real estate agencies and developers in the United Arab Emirates. The catalog contains up-to-date ads about the real estate of various types: from studios to apartments. Are you planning to invest in Business Bay real estate? Don't miss out on the best deals!

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