Ал Барари (Al Barari)

Минимална цена на имотите681 000 AED
Средна цена на имотите8 543 800 AED
Минимални наеми на имотите125 000 AED
Средни наеми на имотите185 000 AED
Общински райони1672254 м²
Предпочитани видове имотиApartments, villas


Type of buildings:
Premium, Elite
Starting price
AED 681 000
Prestigious neighborhood
Beautiful view
Ecological area

About Al Barari

The closed village of Al Barari is a green oasis in the Nad Al Sheba district and part of the large developing community of Dubailand.

The developer of the project is the company, Al Barari Development, which has achieved its goal of creating a lush green garden in a lifeless desert. The construction of the settlement was launched in 2007 and completed in 2019. Locals will not pose the question: “When was Al Barari built?” as the date of its construction is well-known to everyone.

The owner of the company, Zaal Mohammed Zaal, lives on the estate with his family members and personally controls the management of the gardens and the farm.


A variety of themed gardens, botanical reserves, lakes with natural landscapes, and freshwater streams occupy 80% of the village.

Each house here is built with energy-saving technologies and has an underground system for recycling household waste.

There is an irrigation system to maintain the ideal microclimate for the life of various species of animals and plants in the gardens and botanical parks of the village.

A key feature of the community is the region's largest plant nursery, Green Works, which has about 500 plant species from around the world.

Външни характеристики

  • Обществен паркинг
  • Паркове
  • Пешеходни пътеки
  • Достъпност до транспорт
  • Фитнес центрове
  • Училище
  • Джамия
  • SPA-център
  • Барове
  • Аптека
  • Зона за барбекю


  • Близо до природата
  • Нови жилищни комплекси
  • Тих район
  • Озеленяване
  • Вили
  • Луксозни недвижими имоти
  • Безопасен район
  • Екологичен район
  • Подходящ за семейства с деца
  • Подходящ за почивка
  • Инвестиционна привлекателност

Properties in Al Barari

Where to live in Al Barari? This green community includes 6 sub-communities:

  • Seventh Heaven is an apartment complex of 157 flats with a garden, a SPA center, and a health club
  • The Nest includes 55 4-bedroom villas of 929 m2 among green trees, with an outdoor shower and an infinity pool
  • The Reserve is an area divided into 14 land plots where it is possible to build a private house on an individual property
  • Ashjar is a low–rise complex of nine clusters with apartments and villas
  • The Residences include 189 luxury villas, each with 5 to 7 bedrooms. The houses are located in the 4 leaf-shaped clusters of Camellia, Bromeliad, Acacia, and Dahlia
  • The Neighborhood is a 6-story residential complex with apartments, lofts, and guest houses. The complex has fitness and wellness centers, a restaurant, and a swimming pool.

Sales trends in Al Barari

There are no top hotels in Al Barari, but the community has a wide selection of properties for every taste:

  • Luxury apartments in Al Barari
  • Duplexes or lofts
  • Penthouses
  • Townhouses
  • Luxury mansions with private pool and garden
  • Building plots where you can implement the home project of your dreams

The Nest sub-community is in high demand among those who want to buy a ready-made villa. The most popular location for buying apartments in the village is the Seventh Heaven residential complex. The recently built villas are located in the actively developing sub-community of Ashjar.

Today, there is a great demand for luxury housing in the UAE. Both private individuals and large investors invest in Dubai real estate. The reason for this is that the market offers a good product price-quality ratio, while the cost per square meter has not yet reached its peak in value.

Currently, there is a higher demand for finished real estate than for off-plan housing options. In 2021, about 65% of transactions were implemented in the ready-to-move-in real estate segment. It is worth noting that in the new settlement, many properties are ready to move in, and you have a great chance of buying a ready-made house or apartment with all amenities. Analyzing sales in Al Barari, we can note an increase in the number of transactions, especially in the premium segment.

Rental trends in Al Barari

Thanks to the implementation of current ecological ideals, the village attracts the attention of many guests and residents of the emirate. Being in the actively growing Dubailand community, where it is planned to create unusual attractions and large social infrastructure, further fuels the demand for investment real estate in Al Barari. The average annual cost of renting a 2-bedroom apartment in a multi-story residential complex, Seventh Heaven, starts from AED 125,000. Renting a 2-bedroom residence in the low-rise, Ashjar complex, will cost about AED 185,000 per year.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors Al Barari

Since the summer of 2020, there has been a high demand for luxury real estate in Dubai, for example, premium class villas with all the amenities, including private pools and a well-manicured garden. In this case, an eco-friendly village is extremely attractive, as it is possible to purchase premium real estate here at reasonable prices. For those who are going to buy a house to rent it out, it is possible to entrust the dealings with the tenant to a management company. This allows investors to not limit themselves to staying in the UAE, but to invest reliably and receive a good passive income.

When purchasing housing in Dubai for AED 750,000 or more, you can obtain a 3-year resident visa. If the purchase price is over AED 5 million, you can apply for a 5-year visa.

Some properties in the community are under construction, but the buyer can make a deal by acquiring ownership of a house or apartment. This option allows you to purchase a home at the best price and earn on the resale of the property after its commissioning.

ROI in Al Barari

In an eco-friendly community, the minimum cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment is AED 140,000 and in the case of property investment in Al Barari, the return on investment is 6.8%. If you rent apartments of 2 or 3 bedrooms, you can expect an annual profit of 5.8% and 5.4%, respectively. The profitability of the villa ranges from 5.2% to 4.5%.

Bear in mind that the tenant will have to pay income tax, utilities, and home management services. The total amount of all these expenses is an average of AED 11,000.

The profit from renting a 1-bedroom apartment, including all deductions, is approximately AED 138,000.


Amenities in Al Barari

The main advantage of the village is its eco-friendly concept. All residential complexes and houses are located at a distance from each other, so the community is considered one of the most sparsely populated in the UAE.

For a comfortable rest and a secluded life, surrounded by nature, there are large botanical gardens with a huge variety of plants, landscaped areas with streams and reservoirs, as well as numerous pedestrian paths and bridges. A yacht charter in Al Barari is also available to residents and their guests.

Multi-apartment residential complexes have swimming pools, SPA centers, gyms with exercise equipment, covered parking, and other amenities.

There is also a mosque within walking distance.

Transportation and parking spaces

The community is close to the intersection of the major highways, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed and Al Ain. There is no metro network here, the nearest Centrepoint station is a 17-minute drive away. The Liwan Mazaya Bus Stop is 10 kilometers away. Car rental in Al Barari is also available to residents. Locals and guests will not have any difficulties with how to get to Al Barari.

The Dubai International Airport is a 20-minute drive away.


Residents of the village can walk to several grocery stores and supermarkets in Al Barari:

  • Quick Supermarket
  • Al Majan Grocery Store;
  • Waitrose Supermarket
  • Al Barari Mini Market
  • Monh Supermarket


There are no malls in Al Barari. Nevertheless, larger retail outlets are located in neighboring areas and can be reached by car (within 11 to 19 minutes)

  • Cityland Mall with a large selection of fashionable shops of different brands, food courts, a grocery hypermarket, and a large park in the center of the complex
  • Circle Mall with various shops, a beauty salon, sports complex, swimming pool, cafes, and restaurants
  • Dubai Outlet Mall with a children’s entertainment complex and a large range of well-known brand stores with goods at excellent prices


There are several first-class cafes and restaurants in Al Barari:

  • One of the most popular places is The Farm Community Center, where there is a restaurant where you can order takeaways or home delivery
  • J5 restaurant, with a varied menu of dishes for every taste and in-house service
  • Lowe Dubai Restaurant, with a great menu and excellent service
  • Purple Fork Thai and Asian Restaurant
  • Cafe Cocotte Al Barari, with excellent coffee, food, and desserts

Attractions and entertainment

The village often hosts various events for adults and children, such as festivals, open-air film screenings, etc. The community has a large children’s playground with a rope park, floating platforms, and a sandy playground.

One of the largest entertainment venues in the area is the huge IMG World of Adventure theme park with a wide variety of attractions in the form of Marvel superheroes, dinosaurs, and other popular cartoon characters. Diverse performances are held here, and there are also cafes, restaurants, and ample car parking.

It will take only 10-15 minutes to reach popular attractions and popular buildings in Al Barari, as well as in the neighboring areas of Dubai:

  • Global Village Theme Park, where you can become acquainted with the customs, culture, and uniqueness of the everyday life of the most diverse peoples of the world. You can also buy handmade products and souvenirs from different countries here
  • Dubai Miracle Garden is a massive and magnificent garden with about 150 million flowering plants, from which various figurines are created, from castles to Disney characters. There is also a garden with a huge variety of butterflies, cafes, and pastry shops.


The area will be a good place to live with children. There are several schools in Al Barari, for example, the Kids Spot Kindergarten and Dunecrest American School are within walking distance.

The following educational institutions can be reached in 11-20 minutes by car:

  • Georges Pompidou French International School
  • Falconcity Nursery
  • Kent College
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • Kings' School in the Al Barsha district

In addition, the academic campus, with universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions, is 13 minutes away.

Hospitals and clinics

  • Medical and physiotherapy center (a 5-minute drive away)
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital (16 minutes away)
  • HMC Medical Center in Motor City (17 minutes away)
  • Nadd Al Hammar Health Center (19 minutes away)

Nearby areas

The village is located in the Nad Al Sheba district and is adjacent to such large communities as:

  • Motor City, with a cart-o-drome and the largest circuit in the UAE, where professional and semi-professional car and motorcycle races are held. There are also several golf courses, a football field, a large indoor arena, and many other sports grounds
  • Jumeirah Village Circle is a large residential area with excellent infrastructure and a developed transport network
  • Prestigious Dubai Hills area with a golf course and elite residential development
  • Dubai Studio City with many commercial and office buildings

We will select a profitable property for investment

This green eco–friendly community is a great place to buy a home both for personal use and for renting. Residential properties in Al Barari have repeatedly won prestigious international awards, such as "Best Residential Project", "Residential Project of the Year", "Best Real Estate Project", etc.

Thanks to a successful combination of a well-developed infrastructure and an abundance of natural parks and landscaped areas, this small eco-friendly village is one of the most prestigious places to live in Dubai. When purchasing real estate here, you can be sure that its value will gradually increase. If you are considering investing in rental housing, you can count on good demand and profit.

Contact our experts for advice on buying, selling, and renting real estate in the area. They will gladly inform you of the current prices, profitability, and payback period of investments, and help you choose the best housing option that meets all your criteria.

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