Медоус (Meadows)

Минимална цена на имотите3 415 000 AED
Средна цена на имотите4 493 000 AED
Минимални наеми на имотите170 000 AED
Средни наеми на имотите206 500 AED
Общински райони6324000 м²
Предпочитани видове имотиVillas


Type of buildings:
Starting price
AED 3,4M
Ecological area
Prestigious neighborhood
Beautiful view

About Meadows Dubai

Staying away from the bustling tourist sectors and business districts, while remaining close to key sites of entertainment, shopping and other necessities is possible if you choose Meadows. The residential community is part of the larger Emirates Living community and is the brainchild of famed Emirati developer, Emaar.

Meadows has established itself as a great place for a quiet life, located near the coastline, next to the Sheikh Zayed and E11 highways, and close to the Dubai Marina. This residential area is one of the most popular among investors who are not looking for apartments, but for private mansions and villas, according to the Bayut portal. Meadows appears as if there are wildlife meadows surrounding it. It's even hard to believe that there used to be a desert here! The abundance of lush greenery, beautiful ponds, and comfortable (but not too wide) streets, all create a setting of peace and security.

It may seem no less surprising that Meadows is located near Internet City, a large area of the emirate (similar to the Dubai Marina) that was developed long ago, as well as to Jumeirah. The same area satisfies the demand of buyers who want to buy an investment property in Dubai near the golf club, as from Meadows, you can easily reach the famous Montgomery golf course.

Външни характеристики

  • Паркове
  • Пешеходни пътеки
  • Достъпност до транспорт
  • Фитнес центрове
  • Училище
  • Детска градина
  • Джамия
  • SPA-център
  • Голф клуб
  • Барове


  • Близо до брега
  • Тих район
  • Озеленяване
  • Безопасен район
  • Подходящ за семейства с деца
  • Подходящ за почивка
  • Инвестиционна привлекателност

Changes in the Real Estate Market: Meadows

Investors from different parts of the world are interested in the area because of the following reasons:

  • There are many good villas of various sizes located here
  • Renowned developer - one of the best in Dubai
  • The community is perfect for family life and is pet-friendly
  • The best schools are available in the area
  • Accessibility to other Dubai districts, such as Jumeirah Lake Towers, Springs, and Emirates Hills
  • A lot of lush greenery and clear water - lakes, outdoor pools, parks, urban gardening
  • Convenient transport accessibility - proximity to the main highways of the city.

Trends for Real Estate Rental in Meadows

The cost of renting a villa here starts from AED 180,000 per year. You can also find a 3-bedroom property a bit cheaper, for AED 170,000.

If you rent a house with 5 or more bedrooms, it will cost you more than AED 220,000 per year.

It is worth noting that the entire residential area is divided into small quarters, and the most sought-after of them are numbers 1, 2, 5, and 9. In these parts, housing will be somewhat more expensive.

Trends for Real Estate Sales in Meadows

The main trend, set by the last year of the pandemic, is that many apartment dwellers are re-considering their living conditions and prefer houses or at least townhouses.

More families are choosing properties with more rooms in case they have to spend all their time indoors again. This trend is also backed by the fact that many business people and ex-pats have transferred their work processes to a remote format, and therefore need at least one more room for their home office and, perhaps, extra rooms for storing documents or goods.

The Meadows area satisfies all of these needs, as it offers mansions with many rooms.

A 3-bedroom villa can be bought for an average of AED 3,500,000, while a mansion double that size costs about AED 5,700,000. A villa with a pool will cost more than AED 6,000,000.

An investor should know that Meadows belongs to the freehold zone. You will be a full-fledged owner of the property, meaning that you can sell it, donate it, list it in inheritance, or lease it out if you wish.

View from the window

Valuable Insights for Real Estate Investors in Meadows

The community is a living space with lush green scenery, and is a closed-club type area, with low-rise buildings prevalent on its territory. Many people move here to raise cattle or breed dogs because animals are allowed here, unlike most other areas of Dubai.

Here you can find villas whose designs combine 20 different styles. Yet the residential area looks as harmonious and balanced as possible. All the styles echo each other, creating a holistic look of Meadows and emphasizing its club status. There are different villas and mansions of various sizes, with more than 1800 properties in total. There are 3 to 7-bedroom villas available, so a buyer could choose whatever he/she prefers.

Gyms, cafes, and shops are provided in public areas. You can meet your friends or neighbors, enjoy your quality time or just relax in this gated residential community.

Return on Investment in Meadows

The profitability ratio in this community directly depends on the bedroom number. The highest ROI is brought by a 4-bedroom villa, at 4.9%. According to statistics, this number of bedrooms is of greatest interest to families moving to the area. Buyers are least likely to purchase 6-bedroom mansions, as in this case, the payback ratio will be 4.3%.


Meadows Review

In Dubai, complex development is ongoing, along with residential properties. The district simultaneously receives everything needed for high-quality living. Therefore, the infrastructure in Meadows is well-developed.

Traffic and Parking Lots in Meadows

Meadows has no problems with traffic congestion, and traffic jams are rare. Those who own vehicles can leave them in the private parking along the villas.

Public Transport in Meadows

Even though there is no metro station in the immediate area, you can still use the subway. The nearest entrance to one of the metro stations can be reached in just 15 minutes. These stations are the Dubai Marina and the DMCC, from which you can reach any part of the emirate.

You can also use one of the comfortable buses, RTA or F31. Route F31 was created especially for the community. The buses run often, moving residents between different parts of the community and delivering them to the main highway.

Stores and Supermarkets in Meadows

In the very center of the area, there is Spinneys, a popular supermarket with all the necessary goods and foods. Aspiring cooks will appreciate Milk & Honey Gourmet's premium food department. There is also a pharmaceutical supermarket. For everything else, one can just head to the Mall of the Emirates.

Churches, Mosques, and Temples in Meadows

The UAE is a Muslim state, so there are mosques in every area. There are two of them in the Meadows community, Al-Wahhab, and Al-Samad. But the UAE respects all other religions and confessions and does not forget to take care of representatives of other faiths. This is why churches appear in residential areas. From Meadows, you can reach the International Church of Nepal and the Metropolitan Mark Church in just 15 minutes by car. Sikhs go to Jebel Ali for prayer, where the Guru Nanak Darbar Temple is located. Driving to this shrine will also take you 15 minutes.

Kindergartens and Schools in Meadows

Meadows residents take their toddlers to the Kinds Kingdom Kindergarten or the Amity Early Learning Centre. There is one kindergarten in JLT.

The residential community is home to the Emirates International School and the Dubai British School. These educational institutions are among the best in the country, and children of the primary, middle and senior school age can study there. All instruction is given in English.

Universities in Meadows

There are no higher educational institutions in the area, as it is in most residential communities of the city. The urban planning of the emirate provides dedicated areas for higher educational institutions, the most iconic of which is the Knowledge Park. Within its territory, you can find branches of the world’s best universities and the most prestigious colleges. Everything needed for the students’ living requirements is available, including a campus, sports clubs, parks, and so on.

There are also other universities respected by the world community not far from Meadows, such as Middlesex University and Bradford University.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities in Meadows

One of the best Dubai clinics is located right within the area’s borders. The residents of other districts of the emirate also come here. Meadows Medical Clinic is a multi-faceted healthcare facility where you can be treated by an expert, undergo an examination, take tests, and so on.

Due to the location of the residential area, many residents go to Jumeirah Islands for medical check-ups, where the well-known commercial hospital, Al Garhoud, and its outpatient clinic are located.

Malls near Meadows

The community’s residents have a wide choice of shopping centers because the favorable location of Meadows allows you to quickly and easily access any Dubai area. The Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Jumeirah Beach Residence, in all these areas of the emirate you can go shopping and enjoy your time. The Mall of the Emirates is easily reached in just 20 minutes.

However, in the most populated area, you can find Meadows Souk, a large shopping center with different stores. Here you can go shopping and just relax. There are different stores with food, goods for animals, children's items, spa centers, and beauty salons. It even has a high-end gym. In Meadows Souk there are also numerous restaurants and cafes.

Restaurants in Meadows

In the most densely populated area, there are several excellent amenities. For example, there is the Victorian-style, Cafe Shakespeare, where people come not just to have a meal, but also to feel the atmosphere of a bygone era. Which Which Superior Sandwiches is a sandwich bar where you choose what your sandwich will be. There are also fast-food eateries of famous international chains in the residential area, including McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, and the like. Morning coffee lovers will appreciate the opportunity to drink a fragrant drink in a world-famous coffee house, Costa Coffee.

Beaches near Meadows

The area is not located along the coast, so there are no private beaches here. However, you can reach the nearest Barasti beach in just 10 minutes by car.

We’ll Assist You in Choosing a Property in Meadows

If you’re going to purchase an investment property in Meadows, but don't know how to start, just contact our company. We are ready to advise you and provide professional assistance in choosing a property according to your needs. After choosing a villa, we will carefully check the property, contact the owner, and contribute to a quick transaction. With our company’s assistance, you will receive a guarantee of error-free registration of a real estate unit in the wonderful country of eternal summer, the United Arab Emirates.

Start your search for real estate in Dubai today!

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