Falcon City of Wonders

Pinakamababang presyo ng mga ari-arian570 000 AED
Average na presyo ng mga ari-arian2 541 300 AED
Pinakamababang rate ng upa ng mga ari-arian100 000 AED
Average na rate ng upa ng mga ari-arian130 000 AED
Lugar ng komunidad3901930 m²
Mga gustong uri ng ari-arianApartments, villas, townhouses


Type of buildings:
Residential, Business
Starting price
AED 570 000
The area of the district is
42M sq. ft.
Prestigious neighborhood
Ecological area

About Falcon City of Wonders

Falcon City of Wonders (FCW) is a large residential, tourist, and entertainment complex in Dubai, spanning an area of 380 hectares. On the map, the complex is in the shape of a falcon. The project was launched by a private company, Falconcity of Wonders LLC, in 2005.

The master development plan of the area includes seven buildings in the form of famous wonders of the world, a branded theme park, commercial and sports complexes, educational institutions, and family recreation centers. The first residents have already moved into housing estates in the community. Construction work is in progress in other neighborhoods.


FCW includes the following zones, designed after the seven world wonders:

  • Pyramids Park has three pyramids. The Saam Antares Pyramid will be the largest pyramid ever built. There will be a multifunctional complex of residential apartments, office spaces, and recreation areas. The Saam Polaris and Saam Vega pyramids, having serviced hotel apartments, will have 20 and 10 floors,
  • Taj Arabia is a community of apartment buildings and multifunctional centers with offices and accommodation facilitie The Taj Arabia Palace hotel will be the central element, resembling the legendary Indian Taj Mahal palace. The hotel will be surrounded by landscaped gardens.
  • The Tower of Pisa is a multi-story building having apartments and office premises resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • The Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon is an eco-friendly complex having apartment buildings, restaurants, and cafes surrounded by numerous green areas, resembling the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  • The Dubai Light House is a complex of commercial, residential, recreational, and retail facilities resembling the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
  • The Great Wall is a 1,700-meter running track located on the third floor. It is constructed in the Great Chinese style and acts as soundproofing between the amusement park and the residential area.
  • The Dubai Eiffel Tower is the center of attraction in the commercial sector. It resembles the Eiffel Tower and is surrounded by parks, cafes, landscaped gardens, and fountains. Along the perimeter of the tower, there will be famous brand outlets.

In addition to the key attractions described above, the community is going to include:

  • A theme park with rides and exits;
  • Falconcity Mall - in the shape of a falcon's head;

Falconcity Towers - 24 multi-story towers with apartments, hotel rooms, and office space. The buildings and surrounding areas will resemble the styles of different cities and countries. For example, there will be a miniature version of New York's Central Park and a romantic Venice, with a beautiful promenade, open-air cafes, and walking gondolas.

Panlabas na mga katangian

  • Pampublikong paradahan
  • Mga parke
  • Mga landas sa paglalakad
  • Accessibility ng transportasyon
  • Mga fitness center
  • Paaralan
  • Mga kindergarten
  • Mosque
  • Mga panlibangang parke
  • SPA center

Mga katangian

  • Mga bagong pag-unlad
  • Disenyo ng landscape
  • Mga villa
  • Marangyang real estate
  • Ligtas na lugar
  • Luntiang lugar
  • Pampamilya
  • Mga townhouse
  • Angkop para sa isang holiday
  • Lugar ng turista

Real estate in Falcon City of Wonders

Over 20 blocks are planned for construction, including more than 30,000 residential properties. The houses forming the wings of the falcon will be made in four different variations:

  • Andalusia, Spanish-style villas;
  • Aegean, Greek-style townhouses and villas;
  • New World, North American-style townhouses;
  • Santa Fe, Mexican-style villas.

The following housing sub-communities are currently well known in the area:

  • Western Residence North is a 214-unit housing development next to the Pyramid Park sub-community;
  • Pyramids Park has multi-apartment, hotel, and business complexes in the form of three large pyramids;
  • Western Residence North is next to the Pyramid Park sub-community and consists of 214 housing units;
  • Eastern Residences Villas is a sub-community project with elite houses having five or six large bedrooms, roof terraces, a spacious separate kitchen, covered parking for three cars, and a private swimming pool in the yard.

Trends in real estate sales in Falcon City of Wonders

FCW is a part of a huge developing area in Dubailand. It is one of Dubai's most popular destinations for real estate investments.

Currently, there is property available at affordable prices due to many residential and infrastructure facilities still being under construction.

The minimum price of an apartment is 570,000 AED. For this price, you can buy a small 36 m² studio. Fancy private homes reserve the highest price tags. For example, a 650 m² five-bedroom villa will cost 6,650,000 AED.

Trends in housing rentals in Falcon City of Wonders

Today, private houses are very popular among tenants in the metropolis area. In the new community, you can find a good three or four-bedroom villa at prices ranging from 120,000 AED to 135,000 AED a year.

View from the window

Useful information for property investors in Falcon City of Wonders

Once construction is completed, FCW will become a new attraction in the city.

Many large investment companies are interested in the development of this project. They actively invest to ensure a stable profit in the future.

Provided the cost of apartments and houses remains at an acceptable level, you have an opportunity to make real estate investments in Falcon City of Wonders with the most profitable terms.

A significant amount can be saved by buying off-plan properties. Home prices will increase significantly once the unit is finished, and the construction of the entire area is completed.



Numerous FCW infrastructure facilities are currently under development. Once the project is completed, the following amenities will be available:

  • Large shopping malls and business centers in the form of pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and other world attractions;
  • Hotels;
  • Venetian-style promenade;
  • Restaurants, eateries, and cafes;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Nurseries and schools;
  • Recreation parks with landscaped gardens and ponds;
  • A 1.7 km jogging track based on the Great Wall of China.

Residents of the Western Residence North already have access to family parks and a public area having two tennis courts, a basketball court, a swimming pool, a running track, and several playgrounds for children.

Public transport

The area is located next to a major road interchange enabling residents to reach the main districts of the metropolis speedily. Downtown Dubai is a 24-minute drive away and consists of a large shopping mall, a musical fountain, and the iconic Burj Khalifa. It takes 25 minutes to drive to the international airport.

At present, the main transport in the community is a private car, taxi, or Uber.

There is a bus stop with city buses No. 103 and No. F30. Bus No. 66 also operates between FCW and Bur Dubai.


In addition to Falconcity Markets, there is a large hypermarket in the Western Residence South complex. More retail stores are also planned for the near future.

If necessary, there are also supermarkets in the neighboring Dubai Silicon Oasis:

  • Carrefour, supermarket;
  • Good Market, supermarket;
  • West Zone Fresh, supermarket;
  • LuLu,

Shopping malls

As per the master plan, a large Falconcity Mall in the shape of a falcon's head is planned to be constructed in FCW.

Currently, the following shopping malls are 20 minutes away for residents and guests of the area:

  • Dubai Outlet Mall is a large shopping mall with various branded outlets, a food court, and an amusement park;
  • Cityland Mall is a shopping complex with a green park and recreation areas in the center. There are over 350 retail outlets, more than 75 restaurants, and cafes, a cinema, and a food hypermarket.

Churches, temples, and mosques

The Nadia Bint e Saeed is a mosque in the Western Residence South community. This is a small mosque at the entrance to the community, next to the highway. The Al Barari and Al Hussaini Mosques are 12 minutes away.

St. Mary's Catholic Church and St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral are a 24-minute drive away.

It is a 25-minute drive to City Hill Church Dubai and a 28-minute drive to Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple.

Hindu temples can be found in Bur Dubai, 20 minutes away from the neighborhood.


In the district or near the hypermarket are several catering outlets:

  • Va Bene Restaurant;
  • Ras Al Hajar Restaurant;
  • Momin's Magic Bakes and Cafe.

There are several popular restaurants within a 15-minute drive:

  • Russo's New York Pizzeria, Sarhad Darbar sub-continental restaurant, Oregano Restaurant in Dubai Silicon Oasis;
  • Eat & Drink Restaurant with Lebanese, Indian, and Chinese cuisine in Liwan;
  • Mirchi Garden Restaurant with sub-continental cuisine in Majan.

Nurseries and schools

Falconcity Nursery is in the central part of the district, not far from the hypermarket.

The closest educational institutions are in neighboring areas, reachable within 6-20 minutes:

  • Kids Zone Nursery, The Villa;
  • Fantasy Town Nursery and Play lounge, Dubai Silicon Oasis;
  • British Orchard Nursery, Liwan;
  • GEMS Winchester School, near IMG Worlds of Adventure park;
  • Dunecrest American School ;
  • The Aquila School;
  • GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa.

It is a 17- minute drive from the community to Academic City, which is home to universities, colleges, and other international higher education institutions.

Hospitals and clinics

It is less than 20 minutes to the nearest medical facilities:

  • Dubai London Clinic, The Villa;
  • Ace Medical Center;
  • Aster Clinic, Dubai Silicon Oasis;
  • Magnum Gulf Medical Center;
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital.

The nearest districts

  • Al Barari is an eco-friendly community with luxurious villas, green parks, gardens, and freshwater streams. It is west of FCW and is a 15-minute drive.
  • Liwan is a residential district with high-rise buildings (a 12-minute drive);
  • City of Arabia is an area with residential, commercial, and entertainment facilities (8 minutes);
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis is a free trade zone with business centers, a technology park, and residential complexes (15 minutes).
  • The Villa is a community consisting of large family villas surrounded by parks and gardens (20 minutes).


The nearest beaches of the Persian Gulf are approximately half an hour from the community.

The Sunset public beach has all the basic amenities, including a playground for children. It is great for walking and jogging.

Kite Beach is a perfect place for kitesurfing, kayaking, and other water sports. There are walking and jogging tracks and a playground for children.

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular in the city. Along the coastline are cafes and eateries, as well as changing rooms, sun loungers, showers, and other amenities.

We will select profitable real estate for investment

FCW is a truly grandiose project. When completed, it will be one of the key attractions of the metropolis. Real estate investments in this growing community will provide a stable income in the future.

There will always be a high demand for rental properties due to the numerous interesting buildings.

The opportunity to buy a housing unit at the most attractive price is now. Once the project is complete, the prices will increase, and you will have the option to either resell your property or have a quick return on your investments by renting out your home or apartment.

Contact our experts to select the best investment option. Up-to-date information on prices and the rate of return for every specific unit is readily available.

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