Discovery Gardens

Kiinteistöjen vähimmäishinta275 000 AED
Kiinteistöjen keskihinta454 000 AED
Kiinteistöjen vähimmäisvuokrat26 000 AED
Kiinteistöjen keskimääräiset vuokrat39 000 AED
Yhteisön alue2415480 m2
Ensisijaiset kiinteistötyypitApartments


The area of the district
26000000 sq. ft.
Type of buildings:
Starting price
AED 275 000
Ecological area
Prestigious neighborhood
Luxury lifestyle

About Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is a new large-scale residential apartment complex in south Dubai, close to the sea and Dubai Marina. The premises are conveniently located between the two central highways of the Emirate - Sheikh Zayed and Mohammed Bin Zayed – from where it is convenient to reach any part of the city. Residents can visit the large Gardens mall (over 200 shops) and shopping malls in the nearby Jumeirah area, while business travelers can easily reach the Jebel Ali Free Zone. The project is a large complex with low-rise buildings (4-6 floors) and convenient parking near homes. There is a wide selection of studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments. More than 30% of the space is allocated for green zones. It offers property owners spacious parks, swimming pools, tennis courts, a soccer field, cycling and jogging tracks, and much more. Discovery Gardens offers a great selection of affordable apartments close to the coastline, beaches, shopping malls, metro stations, and areas such as Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.


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Properties in Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens embodies leisure - a key aspect of a healthy lifestyle. This is why apartments are decorated with beautiful gardens that occupy up to 30% of the total area. Each apartment has a unique design using ceramic tiles and marble, beautifully offset by maple trims and original lighting – making it highly sought-after investments in real estate in Dubai.

It is worth noting that the creators of the project have succeeded. Realizing that a comfortable stay within walking distance is key in choosing housing and an advantage in the real estate market among all developers, the well-known Dubai company Nakheel, offers ideal residential complexes with world-class apartments.

Discovery Gardens apartments are elegantly decorated with marble, ceramic tiles, and maple wood fittings. Equipped with modern energy-saving comfortable lighting creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort; all of which is in the middle of luxurious gardens manicured lawns and slender-tree alleys. Nearly 30% of the space in Discovery Gardens will be occupied by a variety of green seating areas.

The Discovery Gardens low-rise area will have buildings no more than 5 stories high, including residential apartments. Studios and one-room apartments will be located here at very attractive prices. In general, the prices in the Discovery Gardens area will be significantly lower than, for example, in the neighboring area of Dubai Marina.

Rental Trends in Discovery Gardens

Historically in Dubai, there were very few long-term lease agreements for more than three years and practically no lease agreements for commercial real estate for 5, 10, or 15 years. today, however, thanks to changes in legislation in the area, more and more companies are coming to lease for longer periods. this, in turn, stimulates the appetites of investors, especially those looking for investment opportunities within free zones.

Sales Trends in Discovery Gardens

Since 2012, there has been a steady upward trend in land sales in Dubai. Moreover, not only are sales growing, but also the cost of land and the size of plots demanded by investors. Now is the ideal time to buy real estate in Dubai. Over the past five years, the volume of land sales has increased from 482 million to 3.3 billion dirhams per year, and the area of plots sold went from 6.8 hectares to 23 hectares.

View from the window

Useful information for real estate investors in Discovery Gardens

Highlighting the main challenges and prospects of investments in Dubai real estate, CBRE CEO Simon Townsend pointed out the advantage of institutional assets for sellers in the Dubai market. This perhaps too academic term means assets of high quality with a high potential for long-term profit that is also safe from the point of view of reliability and stability of income generation.

The same can be said for investments in high-yield hotel real estate. Holborn Assets, an independent consultancy, says that after several turbulent years when the rent has changed, now is the time to invest in Dubai's real estate sector. There are at least two good reasons for this.

Firstly, falling prices over the past 18 months have made the market more accessible and, more importantly, taxes other than VAT are still not being levied - especially taxes related to capital gains, value increases, salaries, and rental income. This indicates a strong potential for high returns on your investment. “We expect properties in some areas of Dubai to sell and rent especially well, such as Jumeirah Discovery Gardens and Dubai South. Last year, it recorded the largest number of off-plan housing transactions, and the growth potential is well-matched with stable income,” said Joan Phillips of Holborn Assets.

ROI in Discovery Gardens

On average, about 40% of every thousand investors in the UAE consistently express their intention to invest in real estate. Stocks, bonds, and other securities are significantly inferior to real estate in popularity and only 27% of investors choose this asset. this is not surprising given that the average rate of returns on housing investments in Dubai today ranges from 8 to 12% per annum, depending on the type of real estate (premium, affordable, off-plan or finished) and its location.

Alternatively, in the first months of the year, the expected average return on investment (ROI) for apartments in Dubai remained relatively stable at 6.58%, and the average ROI for villas in February increased by 1.34% compared to January - amounting to 5.29%.


Amenities Discovery Gardens

The new residential area of ​​the Discovery Gardens project is conveniently located between the two main highways of Dubai. Thanks to this, you can quickly get to any area of ​​the Emirate. This makes it highly convenient to meet one’s everyday needs given that the large Jumeirah and Dubai Marina shopping centers are located nearby.

For business people, the proximity of the largest free economic zone, Jebel Ali, and the business shopping centers of Dubai Internet and Media City is advantageous. It is also easy to get access the Arabian Gulf beach.

The uniqueness of the Discovery Gardens project is that one residential area combines a variety of landscapes in different national styles. The entire project consists of several separate projects: the Zen, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Mogul, Mesoamerican, and Cactus. Each project has its own national character and characteristics.

Dubai Discovery Gardens is 6 kilometers long and throughout this space, you can enjoy a wide range of recreational facilities designed for the whole family - 13 swimming pools of which 12 also cater to children, tennis and basketball courts, cycling and jogging paths, and even mosques.

Best Hotels

- Do any Discovery Gardens in Dubai have a pool?

Popular Discovery Gardens hotels with pools in Dubai include:

  • Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai Hotel - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5

- Which Discovery Gardens hotels are close to Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport?

These Discovery Gardens hotels are close to Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport:

  • Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai Hotel - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5

- What are the best Discovery Gardens hotels in Dubai?

Some of the best Discovery Gardens hotels in Dubai are:

  • Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai Hotel - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5

- Which Discovery Gardens hotels in Dubai offer a gym?

A gym is available to guests at the following Discovery Gardens hotels in Dubai:

  • Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai Hotel - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5

- Which Discovery Gardens hotels in Dubai are good for families?

Families traveling in Dubai loved these Discovery Gardens hotels:

  • Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5
  • Chelsea Gardens Hotel Apartments - Traveler rating: 4.5 / 5

Most Popular Buildings in Discovery Gardens

The Discovery Gardens area stretches for 6 kilometers and consists of 291 different buildings including 26,000 studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments, 200 shops, and more than 30 restaurants and cafes. In total, it is assumed that the population of the district will be more than 60,000 inhabitants.

Transportation and Parking Spaces

Leaving Discovery Gardens via the main highways of Dubai is not difficult - the nearest skyscrapers, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers, are just a stone's throw away. You can get there by bus and two metro stations are opening soon - construction is almost complete and empty trains can already be seen running past homes. While the nearest station is at Ibn Battuta Mall, it is large with destinations that include Abu Dhabi.

If you have just arrived in the UAE, do not yet have a driver's license, or if public transport is inconvenient for you, you can contact a branch of the Dubai Driving Center to help you. Moreover, there is no need to fear the possibility of dealing with parking problems - it is free and there is always enough parking for everyone.


In the Ibn Battuta Mall shopping complex located on the territory of the Discovery Gardens project, residents can visit 250 stores, the largest 21-screen cinema in the region, an IMAX cinema, a huge Jiant supermarket, more than 30 restaurants and cafes, and many fitness options, notably the First Jim Club - the first of its kind in Dubai.


Another major advantage of the district is its proximity to schools. There are two schools not far from Ibn Battuta Mall: Delhi Private School and Winchester School. While the first is indeed designed mainly for expats from India, the second is very popular among residents of all nationalities. Middle and high school students use public transport or even bicycles to get to school. However, outside Discovery Gardens many schools can be reached in a 15–20 minute drive. These are located in the Al Barsha and Dubai Investment Park, for instance.

Nearby Areas

An advantage of Discovery Gardens is the ability to safely and easily walk around with children every day. A spacious courtyard is found at the entrance, filled with the children of 3 neighboring houses - until dark they run, ride scooters, rollerblade, cycle, play football, catch or hide and seek, and look for treasures in the greenery. They entertain themselves until their mother's voice calls them home for supper - just like in our childhood!

For the little ones, there is a small slide, swing, and covered sandpit, all of which are surrounded by green lawns and soft grass. What else does one need to be happy? While the little ones are busy with their very important business, parents can sit on the benches found throughout the playground or join the kids comfortably on the grass.


Discovery Gardens is located in the heart of New Dubai, close to The Gardens Shopping Mall -the world's largest themed shopping mall.

It is worth noting the Ibn Battuta Mall; a recently opened grandiose shopping complex named after the great Arab traveler of the Middle Ages.

The shopping center is currently relatively uncrowded and is located on the territory of the Discovery Gardens project. The Ibn Battuta Mall shopping center and the entire area as a whole have a unique flavor with their 6 national-themed pavilions - Indian, Chinese, Persian, Tunisian, Egyptian, and Spanish complexes.

Beaches near Discovery Gardens

There are beaches in the vicinity of Discovery Gardens. Hotels offer free shuttles to beaches and this destination is often less than 3 kilometers away.

We will select a profitable property for investment

Discovery Gardens is the greenest and brightest area in Dubai. We can help you make the right investment into one of the most desired properties. Do not refuse your dream - our specialists will do everything to ensure your comfort and the legitimacy of all property transactions.

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