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Investment apartments and flats in Jebel Ali

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Investing in apartment in Jebel Ali with a high ROI

Investment apartments in Jabal Ali are included in the top-ranking of the most in-demand properties in Dubai. This is one of the most popular tourist areas in Dubai, where thousands of foreigners come every year, including from Russia. Many would rather rent an apartment than live in a hotel. Due to the stable demand real estate investments in Dubai is always relevant and liquid.

Jabal Ali is the main commercial and industrial area of ​​Dubai. On its territory is the largest harbor in the world, which provides and maintains a stable international connection. The Jabal Ali Free Trade Zones play an important role in the economic development of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. They are the ones attracting the representatives of large companies to develop their business.

Investments in new buildings in Dubai,  particularly in Jabal Ali, have a high payback due to migrants arriving in search of new housing, tourists and entrepreneurs...their activity stimulates the local real estate market and gives impetus to its development.

Investors in profitable real estate in Jabal Ali can consistently make a profit by renting apartments for the long or short term, thereby accelerating the payback process.


Apartments in Jabal Ali are ideal for those looking to buy an apartment in Dubai for investment, business or further residence. Upon becoming the owner of real estate, you can count on obtaining a residence permit or enlisting reliable support for future endeavors.

The cost of apartments in Jabal Ali depends on a combination of factors:

  • The living space and number of rooms;
  • The floor;
  • The availability of quality repairs;
  • The household appliances and furniture;
  • Special features.

For example, a studio with an area of 30 m² will cost about EUR 55,000 euros. An apartment with an area of 75 m² will cost about EUR 90,000.

For a list of apartments with the highest profitability and a detailed list of prices for specific properties, see the catalog on the Dubai-Property.Investments website.

Investment apartments for sale in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

Arab real estate in Jabal Ali, an economically developed area of Dubai, has significant potential, which makes it attractive to investors. Investments in flats and apartments in Jabal Ali, their demand and profitability, are increasing every year thanks to the competent decisions of the authorities, the constantly developing urban and tourist infrastructure, and a decent standard of living in general.

According to forecasts of UAE real estate market analysts, in 2021, investors can expect a significant increase in profit from the rental of profitable real estate.

Buy a flat for investment in Jebel Ali

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